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    something has got to be done to speed up cultivation. Did the devs ever try to cultivate a gold hero to maximum? It was bad enough before culting red then pink heroes to maximum and that was little more than 3000. These golds have more than 8000 on some stats and the last 4000 is at the stage where 90% of the stats you need are red! Just try cultivating a hyper death knight to 100% on defence vit and agi. It's not so much the amount of silver it takes, although that is far too much, it's the time it takes. We can't spend hours cultivating heroes. It's not good for the eyes either!

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    it's like beating a dead horse... nothing seems to ever get done about the cultivating problems... Just hold your money a little longer and maybe if players stop buying gold then the devs will address the issues.. who knows. Maybe we will just get Lucky the cog way and they will just close the game down. Then we as players wont have to decide to quit on our own.


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