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Thread: pets tutorial (need lots of help to finish it)

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    pets tutorial

    Pets were introduced in of Call of Gods in June 2013. In this tutorial I will explain all you need to know and add some extra information just because it exists and some people might be interested.

    Monster Island is a new part of our world, it can be found all the way to the right of the map, south of Sky City. You can get there after turning 60. Walk to Infernus, go to the Hellgate and talk to the lady, she will teleport you to Monster Island. After you turn 60, you can use pets on all heroes, even level 1 heroes.

    On Monster Island are several locations, 4 of them are working at the moment. Monsters' Lair, Pet Auction House, Colosseum and "Exit", the portal back to the main land. And the Coliseum of Enlightenment is working as a market for resource exchange.

    At the Pet Auction House you can buy and sell pets. It basically works the same as the item auction house, but there is one major difference: 20% of the gold that is payed for a pet goes to cog, the old owner gets 80% rounded DOWN to the next whole number. So if you sell a pet at 10g you will get 8g, if you sell it at 11g you will still get 8g. If you sell a pet at 1g, you will get no gold at all! There is an aution house fee in silver as well, which is payed by VIPS and non VIPS.

    At the Colosseum you can enter your pets in the arena. Make a setup by using the pets button, last tab. Now you can save that formation at the colosseum and use it to fight other players pets. All pets work as ranged units, shooting at the enemy. The attackers pets always move before the defender, but since there will be many rounds, this is not a huge advantage overall.
    Twice a week there are rewards for the top positions.
    I have yet to work this out exactly, but it seems that your pet's vitality determins how many "units" he will be. Agi does not play a role in who shoots first, but it probably does in dodge. I don't know how attack and defense are used yet.
    Pet formation chapters for these battles can be found as drops from Monsters Lair enemies (only chapters 1 to 5, not chapter 6 so kinda useless).

    Monsters' Lair is the place you go to fight monsters and get drops. If you enter it for the very first time, only the lvl 60 room will be available and you will need a key to enter it and fight the monsters in there. When you have defeated all 12 monsters in there, you can reset it and start over, if you have another key. If you do not have another key, DO NOT reset the room!
    Defeating the level 60 will give you 1 point towards permanently unocking the level 70 section. You will need 12 points in total to permanently unlock it.
    If you are already level 70 or higher when you first start doing Monster Island, you will see that the level 70 room will open up immediately after defeating the level 60 one, but it will only be for that day, the next day it will be locked again! Again, it takes 12 runs through the level 60 room to permanently unlock the level 70 room.
    Once you got the level 70 room permanently unlocked, you will not have to do the level 60 anymore, you can start in the level 70 room every day.
    Then you will have to do lvl 70 18 times to be able to skip that one and start in lvl 80 etc.. (times to do the rooms: 12, 18, 25, 30, 35, 40 ,40, 50, 50)

    The level 60 monster island is quite hard when you have just turned 60 and dont have purple or better gear yet. The lvl 70 is really hard, even for lvl 70 players with some orange and red gear. I don't recommend trying it untill you are 75 at least. The lvl 80 is actually easier then the 70 one, even if you have just turned 80. This needs to be confirmed, but I think lvl 60 only drops white pets, blue's start dropping in lvl 70, purple in lvl 80 and orange in lvl 100 (I personally never found one in lvl 90 that i can remember).

    If you enter Monsters' Lair for the first time a day, take a look at the locks that are on all the locked levels. If you hold your mouse pointer over them, they will tell you how many time you have to do the previous level to unlock it and how many times you have already done that.

    After finishing a level you can reset it to fight it again if you wish too, but you will need another key to open it. The reset button is the yellow arrow that you can see at the top right of every level picture.

    You will start each day with 1 free key if you are a non-VIP or 2 free keys if you are a VIP. Extra keys can be bought by using the + symbol behind they key slots.

    Tip for Monster Island: If you end your monster island tour on the same lvl as the one you need to start with the next day, you get to do that first one for free! For non vips this means its best to keep doing the same lvl (use the reset button) untill you unlock the next one.
    Vips can do for example 90, 100, 90. If a vip needs just 1 more 90 to unlock next one do 90, 100, 100 and next day: 100, 110, 100.
    Just end where you need to start the next day, or, start where you ended the previous day. This will help you gain more devotion points too.

    The Monster Island Clearance number (1547) at the top right of this screen is from an old event, so you can just ignore it.

    Fighting the monsters on Monster Island will not give you any xp, although sometimes the battle result will show that you got 1 xp point.

    Monsters' Lair drops several things, the most obvious ones are pet cards, they come in 4 different colours: white, blue, purple and orange. There does not seem to be a green variety. As in all things, white pets are not so good, orange ones are (a lot) better but also a lot harder to find. Red pet cards do not drop from Monster Island, but red pet cards were available during some events and can be bought in some shops. Pet cards and all other monster island drops appear in your inventory and from there they can be "used" or "sold" like most other items.

    If you use the pet card, you will gain a pet. You can see it if you use the Pet icon at the left hand side of the main screen. (They have moved this button into the large button group at the top of the screen)

    Take note: Besides pet cards, there is an orange drop that is a pet soul card, if you use that, you will not gain a pet, only an imagine of one and some information in the pet collection book (which can be found at the right hand side of the main screen). Besides that it does not seem to do anything at the moment. Pet soul cards are not bound and can therefor be traded or sold in the normal auction house in Regia. Only the first 10 pet souls in the book can be found, the last 5 are unavailable.

    Late 2013 a new way to obtain orange or red pets was introduced.
    To get an orange pet, you need 4 of the same purple pet cards (for example 4 rustred meshweavers), at the transmutation master you can transmute those 4 purple mushweavers cards into one orange meshweaver card for 10,000 silver.
    To get a red pet, you need 2 of the same orange pet cards and 2 astral essences. It will cost 10,000 silver to transmute as well (and the price for the astral essences).

    A pet can be equipped by a hero and it will give the hero bonus points for the 4 basic stats. The amount of points they give equals their current points x boost factor. Equipping and "unsnatching" a pet can be done through the hero menu, equipment tab. A pet does not become bound to a hero or to you when you equip it.

    If you get a pet card, the only things you will know about the pet you will get from that card are:
    *the name/picture
    *the quality (colour) and because of that its boost value
    *the pets attribute (fixed for every pet, so check your collection book or ask around).
    *the pets maximum possible aptitudes (fixed for every pet, ask around if you really want to know)

    There are 4 of these "attributes": fierce (atk), agile (agility), resilient (def) and obedient (balance). The maximum aptitudes for the pet are related to the attribute. Just from the pet card, you will not actually know how good the pet will turn out to be. Or even what its speciality will really be, since its 4 actual aptitudes are random (with a min and max). There is only one way to learn how good your new pet is: use the card.

    The pets aptitude is shown in the green bars at the bottom right of the pet "attribute" tab. There you can see what the pets maximum aptitude is (this is the fixed part, the same for all pets of the same type and quality) and how much of that you actually got (this is the random part), the longer the green bars are, the more % of the maximum possible points you got.
    Now you will also know the speciality of your pet, wheter its agi, atk, def or vit. The attribute of a pet does play a role in this, but luck is the biggest factor.

    For example I have 2 orange Rustred Meshweavers
    Rustred Meshweaver is Fierce and since they are orange, i know that their boost value will be 0.45 and its maximum possible aptitudes are atk 59, def 50, agi 52 and vit 58. That's all you will know before using the cards.
    My 2 Rustred Meshweavers turned out quite different from each other:
    Meshweaver 1 aptitudes: atk 44, def 45, agi 44, vit 32. So stats are not too bad and this is basically an ok attack pet.
    Meshweaver 2 aptitudes: atk 33, def 38, agi 46, vit 48. So total stats is lower but also this pet is best at vit and agi, not a very usefull combo.
    So the fact that the Meshweaver is a Fierce pet does NOT mean it will always be a good attack pet!

    I still have not figured out how "strenght" is determined, but I think it is connected to the total of aptitudes you get for a pet and its level.

    You can level your pet up by feeding it. This can be done in the pet "cultivation" tab. Food for pets is: pet XP pills, pet CARDS (and only cards!) and equipment. Each food gives a fixed amount of xp, the better the food, the more xp the pet gets. Select a pet, select a food item in the list to the right and click the "Feed" button.
    See for more info on pet food (thanks Levistein).
    The maximum level for pets at this point is 110, a list of xp needed for each level can be found here:

    Each time your pet levels up, it will gain stat points, like heroes do.
    Each level White pets gain stats with this formula: 0.43 x aptitude
    Each level Blue pets gain stats with this formula: 0.45 x aptitude.
    Each level Purple pets gain stats with this formula: 0.474 x aptitude.
    Each level Orange pets gain stats with this formula: 0.495 x aptitude.
    Each level Red pets gain stats with this formula: 0.516 x aptitude.
    (CoG rounds off the results down or upwards.)
    (Thanks for providing these numbers Deirdre!)
    The maximum level for pets is 60 at the moment.

    Besides pet cards and pet soul cards, Monster Island also drops taming whips, breeding stones, junior pet XP pill and senior pet XP pill scroll.

    Taming a pet will increase the pets boost factor and therefore the amount of bonus stats he gives to its owner hero. You need a taming whip to attempt to train your pet, one will be used for each attempt. Taming a pet has a chance of failing, the higher the pets boost is, the higher the chance taming it will fail (the % is listed, but does not seem accurate at all). If the taming succeeds, your pet gets 0.05 (or 0.1 once above 0.6) extra boost, if it fails it looses the same amount. Extra whips can be used to prevent the boost factor to drop from an unsuccesfull taming attempt.
    The maximum boost is unkown at the moment, but it seems it can be more then 1...

    Breeding pets is a way to improve the quality (colour) of your pet. To breed a pet to a higher level you need a breeding stone of that level. So a white pet with a blue breeding stone makes a blue pet, a blue pet with a purple stone makes a purple pet and a purple pet with an orange stone makes an orange pet. This new pet will have level 1 unless you pay gold to save the old level. The new pets stats will be reset and completely random, so if you breed a good atk pet, you may end up with a bad defense one. It seems that the boost of the pet does not increase with breeding, just the aptitudes. bug?

    Black Spars are needed to make pet equipment. You can earn them by getting enough devotion points and then claiming your devotion gift on the 2nd tab of the "Daily book", use the "Draw" button once you have gathered enough devotion points.
    You will get 1 black spar for 20 devotion points, 2 for 50, 4 for 75 and 8 for 100.

    The spars can be used to buy scrolls and parts at the "black market" which is available for one hour, 6 times a week (0:00 and 12:00 on tuesday, thursday and saturday). It appears at the times mentioned and 30 minutes after your first visit there it will refresh with new items.

    Beware when buying Amon Amarth parts: there are 2 types!
    There is the cheap, purple one for purple gear (you can it see in the picture a bit above this) and a more expensive yellow one for red gear.

    If you have a pet equip scroll in your inventory, click the "use" button to see how many of each part you need to complete it. The purple (panther aned leopard) gears need about 23 parts, three of which will always be part V which costs 5 spars. So to make one purple equipment, you will need 61 spars and 6 inventory spaces (jaguar and panther gears are a bit cheaper, but the price difference is so small, going for leopard is usually the best option ,unless you really are not able to raise your pet to the needed level). Check out the table below for more info.
    For the new red scrolls, you will need hundreds of black spar to complete them. So dont get one untill you have that many!

    Once you have completed a piece of pet equipment, you can equip it to your pet. To do this, first "unsnatch" the pet from the hero in the hero equipment screen. Then put the equipment on the pet on the pet equipment tab, then don't forget to equip the pet to your hero again. Your hero will not get the full stats of the pet equipment, they will be multiplied by the pets boost factor. So if your equip has 100 attack and you pet has 0.4 boost, your hero will gain 40 attack points. The pet equipment piece will not get bound to the pet, so you can always move it to another pet later. It is not sellable.

    There is a list of pet equipment, their stats and when available the shopping list for the black market parts at:

    New pet features

    On March 10th 2016 4 new pet features were added to the game: pet aptitude growth, pet reincarnation, pet sacrifice and pet skills. Also, the maximum level for pets was increased to 110

    Pet Aptitude Pills will allow you to increase one of a pets aptitudes by 1 point. This increase in aptitudes is then used to recalculate the pets attribute which will turn out as it would have if your pet had had that increased aptitude from level 1.

    Pet reincarnation requires a lvl 40+ pet for first reincarnation, lvl 50 for 2nd and level 60 for 3d.
    You need a Pet Promotion Pill and 10g to do first reincarnation.
    This is what will happen to your pet during first reincarnation:
    • Its maximum possible aptitudes will be increased by 10%.
    • Current aptitudes stay the same.
    • The pet will gain bonus points to its attributes which is equal to 10% of its base attributes (no gear, no dawnbreaker) before the reincarnation.
    • The extra xp the pet has over level 40 will be used to regrow the reborn pet.
    • The pet will not loose its taming boost %
    • You do not have to take off the pets outfit when reincarnating, it will just stay on.

    After 2nd and 3d reincarnation your pet will gain a lot more bonus points, so for those with patience, this is a good way to improve your best pet.

    Pet sacrifce will allow you to transfer a pets level to another pet, for gold (a lot of it).

    Pet skills can be added to a pet if you have the skill book I, a pet of the right level and 5 gold to open the skill slot. You can do this at Regia at the Skill Master (where you also teach skills to heroes). Once a pet has learned skill level I, it can learn II etc, just like heroes.
    Pet skills are spells (like Valhalla card spells) but they only work in the pet arena.

    Pet Aptitude Pills, Pet Chaos EXP Pills, Pet Skill Books and Pet Promotion Pills can be found on Monster Island or from events.

    I am editing this on a regular basis. Please let me know if I missed anything or got something wrong.

    The Call of Gods wiki has finally been updated and there is now a pretty good pet chapter there at:
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    You don't seem to get the aptitude thing

    The first number is the actual per level boost on that stat on your own pet , and the second number is the maximum possible boost on that stat for a pet of that specialty and that color

    The first number defines your own pet which is totally random as I have seen so far which can go only as far as the second
    The second number is what defines a pet of a specific specialty and color in general , it means the stats cannot be boosted per level beyond that number
    So if you want to write a guide forget about the first number and focus on the second one to define the pet , beyond that each pet have a random set of stats equal or below the mentioned max
    There is still a luck factor involved even if you get a good quality pet you can still have low actual stats if you are unlucky , but the chance of getting such low stats are lower of course

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    As to the breed stone question, they only work for specific colors. What I mean is, if you have a purple breed stone, then you can only use it on a blue pet in order to make it purple. And yes, it does randomize the stats again when you use it.

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    Thanks for your response Omar, but you are making the exact same point I was trying to make. Apperently I did not do a very good job... I will try to make it more clear, can I copy parts of what you wrote?
    About the extra stats when a pet gains a level, you would think that it is the (first) aptitude points, but it is a lot lower. For a day I thought it was aptitude*boost, but it is less then that even. I think that is what changed during the last mainenance, but i dont have data from before the change.

    Thanks Shadow, I will add that to my tekst so people can find it, I hope you don't mind.
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    i copied these screenshots from another post:

    This is a lv 5 pet with old stats (the picture is taken from another player)

    And this is my lv 5 pet with new stats (i have failed taming, but this isn't important for stats).

    In the first picture there is a clear link between the pets stats and its aptitude (current stats=aptitude*6, i don't know why it is *6 though, the pets lvl is 5 not 6)
    In the second picture of the new situation, there seems to be a connection between aptitude and current stats (since current stats/aptitude=±2.58 every time, which is almost the same as current stats=aptitude*6*boost, but not quite) but I am not sure which that is.
    So still a lot of mysteries to me...
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    This is strange indeed, take a loock at my pet, Willow

    ah right, my pet is lvl 6, and the rate is about 3.09, still quite different from your rate though
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    U have alot of silver stingers

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    was checking out how pet attribute and aptitude work, so I open a lot of silver stinger lol

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    thanks hangkhung, i will use your data to try and figure out how it works. I could use a lot more pet pictures from after the maitenance though...
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    Purple Orcish Guardian (POG)
    Boost 0.4
    50 Attack (IQ 21/35)
    104 Defense (IQ 44/44)
    90 Agility (IQ 38/38)
    66 Vitality (IQ 28/43)

    Hero with POG (Green plus values)
    Attack 2899
    Defense 2991
    Vitality 2169
    Agility 1667

    Hero removed POG
    Attack 2879
    Defense 2950
    Vitality 2143
    Agility 1631

    50 * .4 = 20 attack (the actual value of pet attack)
    104 * .4 = 41,6 defense (actual 41 pet defense)
    90 * .4 = 36 vitality (actual 26 vitality - BUG)
    66 * .4 = 26.4 agility (actual 36 agility - BUG)

    1631 + 26 = 1657 not 1667

    2169 - 2143 = 26 not 36 (they seem to have computer code variables mixed-up)


    Of course, I suppose the bug could be in the display values in Pet (Monster) Management or Hero Equipment screen... either ways... its a BUG.
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