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Thread: Maintenance Notice (April 20th)

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    Yawn, Big goose egg here. got to love maint's geared towards gold mining on behalf of cog. No brainer, they get no money :P Have a nice weekend!!!

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    9. [Event] Dungeon drop
    Event time: after maintenance – next maintenance
    Defeat mini boss and final boss in all dungeon will have chance to get Easter Eggs or Delicate Wooden Hammer

    This might need to be looked at have just done 4 80h and 0 eggs and 0 hammers
    yes i know it says chance but 0 for 4 is really bad chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtDragon View Post
    i have 326 points from my 4 fights i have done so far today i have 8 fights to go but it pointless cause there is no way in hell i can beat any of the opps i have avail to me and i most defo NOT spending 20 gold to refresh it will just give me the same opps levels
    That maybe cause you were unlucky. This is first day only you can try again tomorrow. One of my free members manage to get 1k2 points at lv 100

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    This is such an awesome event. Please keep it coming. Love the Milites frags and the dolls, and the oh so useful XP cards. We need more of this types of events. It really gets me to spend money on this game. Thanks COG!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaCa View Post
    Just because you do not like it does not mean EVERYONE does not ,,,,,

    THANK YOU for milies chance CoG do NOT listen to that willow person
    Right DACA, this gives us chance to collect enough frags to make weapons. Hope COG make more events for this.

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    Every event is useless for most!!!!! They don't care what you think or want!!! They only want your money $$$$$$$$$$ and more of it!!!!! Leo's only response is we will look into it, thanks for playing!!!

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    This event is 1 week too late, i don't have much time to play , while i was off with easter days.
    So you missed a good chance for the TB event.
    So i do tb in the weekend, but so far not much stuff worth playing for me.
    Only 1 piece of equipment and for the rest Pet pills and some silver cards.


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    looking for new game to play now this one has gone down hill fast and total cr4p now anyone know of any good games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtDragon View Post
    looking for new game to play now this one has gone down hill fast and total cr4p now anyone know of any good games?
    Battlefield 1
    Dlc coming out on june or july

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    Boss 160lv s ucks too. Just good exp. Drops are almost null for me.
    " Rock hard, ride free "


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