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Thread: Who is the main boss in Abyss of Tungs ?

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    Who is the main boss in Abyss of Tungs ?

    When i entered abyss of Tungs to check it out I found 2 Griswalds and 1 Diablo.....I assumed Diablo was the main boss, but after defeating him and receiving my fantastic ice tyrant gear, the next sky city dungeon was not unlocked.

    Is the main boss actually Griswald ? and why are there 2 of him ?

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    I think it is Griswold. Message must pop up you cleared dungeon successfully.

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    Two of them act as sub bosses... yes they are all the same strength. Sometimes you get 3x Griswolds, sometimes just the 1. It happens. The main boss will ALWAYS appear in the 3rd floor of any dungeon. Just so you aware of which one you need to kill
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