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Thread: 90 Day Loyalty Reward

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    90 Day Loyalty Reward

    While talking with a member of my alliance, I had a brilliant idea. For every consecutive 90 day period, where you log in daily, no misses or you start over. You get rewarded a pink devil-constellation hero. This will benefit everyone including the non-coiners. This gives players something to strive for. Brilliant minds= brilliant gaming.

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    i hope they do this! its a great idea!!

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    It is a great idea, we used to have this (it was for the red heroes then, there were no pinks yet) for some years^^
    It was even better then: you could miss days, it just counted the days you did sign in.

    But then they switched to the monthly log in calender. Some were happy about it, some were not.

    But giving everyone a way to get a pink hero would be great.
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