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Thread: Exchange T5 for T5

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    Exchange T5 for T5

    Dear Leo,

    Now, T5 is really hard to find the only mean to find T5 is through cross chest arena. Most of us need alot of shooters but have spare tankers. can you allow us to exchange T5 for T5 maybe rate 50% so that we can have more means to get shooters? Thank you.

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    Thank you for your suggestion, we will discussing alot on this, be patient please.

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    Good Idea.
    Many of us have some types of troops we dont use at all due the classing heroes or strategy we use. So it would be nice to be able to exchange them for other we use.
    Thank you to consider implementing this

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    "we will discussing alot on this, be patient please" was the reply ... in 2016.

    Methinks it is a very long and thorough discussion, because it must still be ongoing, since there has not yet been an outcome of that discussion yet. At least not that We, The Players, can see.


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