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Thread: [Event] Spring Climb

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    [Event] Spring Climb

    Event time: 22nd March 00:00:00 – 28th March 23:59:59
    Settlement time: 29th March 00:00:00 – 29th March 23:59:59


    1. Climbing starts after 00:00 each day, player will begin at the first floor, when the arrow lands on the up arrow, player can climb to the next floor.

    2. Icon indicates the floor you are on now.

    a. One attempt for free each day after 00:00:00, use Alpenstock to get extra attempts.
    Alpenstock is on sale in the shop.

    b. Get the rewards icon will receive corresponding rewards and players will still stay at this floor

    c. Reach the top floor to get the rewards, and then restart from the 1st floor.

    d. The process will be reset after 00:00:00 and restart from the 1st floor.

    3. Rank reward:
    Rush 1st: Sky Wheel Star*4+ Enchant Scroll +40*1+ Enchant Scroll +35*1
    Rush 2nd: Sky Wheel Star *3+ Enchant Scroll +30*1
    Rush 3rd: Sky Wheel Star*2+ Enchant Scroll +20*1
    Rush 4th: Sky Wheel Star*2+ Enchant Scroll +18*1
    Rush 5th: Sky Wheel Star*2+ Enchant Scroll +15*1
    Rush 6th-10th: Sky Wheel Star*1+ Enchant Scroll +10*1

    Sky Wheel Star: Used to exchange items

    a. The rank will be refreshed every 30 minutes.

    b. Rules:
    The highest level reached at that day will be the record.

    Reach the highest floor within one day to stack the record.
    For instance: climb to the 6th floor to set a daily record, reach the 8th floor and climb to the 6th floor again, daily record will be 8 plus 6, e.g. 14.

    The total rank data will be daily record’s sum.
    For instance: climb 3 floor at 1st day, 2 floors at 2nd day, 5 floors at 3rd day, then the total record will be 10 floors.

    Top 10 players can click the claim button to obtain prize, the prize would not be compensated once expired.

    Climb over 30 floors to enter the rank list.

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    again ?!

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    Devs are out of options, coming back with the same events every month.
    Getting bored here.


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    Thank you cog for giving consideration to other games ,at least i can play other games and not worry that i'm missing something good.thanks again for a week off

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    Please remove this code from the game and throw it on the scrap heap of game code.

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