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Thread: Maintenance Notice (March 16th)

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    valhala card exchange-coming next mait.
    hero rouse-coming next maint.
    more items in point shop-coming next mait.
    new windstones future-coming next mait.
    ................... nothing comes.
    big fat liars!!!
    1 more thing,maint. notes should be posted atleast 1 day b4 maint. not after

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    you still not fixing basic so go forth and multiply.a big joke

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    Remove the silly disconnect thing! AW later and we do not need this!!!

    Not even a team boss is NO need to have this horrible feature!
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    So I can't do abyss auto now because I'll get disconnected half way through. Get rid of that ****** message. The first pop up was annoying and nearly got me disconnected for being away from the screen 10 minutes. The second it became very annoying. By the end of the day I'll probably throw the computer out of the window

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    Quote Originally Posted by cog_219355 View Post
    I totally agree
    OMG do they really want me to quit playing this game and I don't care how much money I have used I am seriously considering taking my money elsewhere if they keep up with this ******, annoying hourly ...

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    Again auto-disconnect window ... why? i don't see any farm event in this maint ...
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    Keymaster, s19

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    this pop up s seem to be a display, i got pop up, but not disconnect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knighttt99 View Post
    this pop up s seem to be a display, i got pop up, but not disconnect.
    Yes agreed i had the same coming back after almost 2 hours and i am still connected and i see the pop-up in my screen.


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    please remove the on line verification

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    Ha Ha ,

    Joyheat mod is s t u p i d.....

    Because i couldn't play yesterday, the server was not working properly, they give me a present for compensation.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Presents.JPG 
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    2 double xp cards for 5 minutes.
    And that compensates 24 hours of not able to play.
    Ha ha i have coppered them, i have more then 400 of those cards and more then 300 30 minute cards.
    What a s t u p i d compensation.
    No wonder that more and more people give up playing COG.



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