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Thread: Maintenance Notice (February 16th)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick.Morse.Heppy View Post
    yes, agreed with it, and a lot complaint about heaven tower too here..
    they should update the feature to more friendly click lol..
    and everytime need to start at room 1 is sux and consuming a lot energy
    if player can start with option at every 10th floor is better , example start at room 1, start at room 10, start at room 20, and above
    yes I agree with that nick. The tower should have options for starting at levels other than 1. Imagine abyss if you had to start from layer 1.

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    I wish to make another strong complaint about the strength of the mobs in team boss 135. Effectively no-one can run that boss with the mobs in there at level 142. As soon as you get strong enough to run it you are strong enough to run the 150.
    Please reduce those mobs down to level 125 or 130 to allow players in the level range 135 to 150 to actually run that boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PopovicP View Post
    Here is an idea...

    Since "what events you want" mostly is of no real use, where people come with all sorts of ideas, I think we should all support 1, and demand to have double and triple cards mixable. So, all players who are happy with that idea, make a comment or mail me, and I will pass it to Leo and devs, so they all will see how it is important to players. ( and not think it is just me talking b.s. )
    not bad idea,Pop,but that wont help much after hero pass 163...i prefer new sky dungs,with silver ,exp and drops related to new features... like hero upgrade cards and soldier cards (spellcaster,archers....)
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    try again.....

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    Thanks all for replying, hope to get more votes and ideas. And my opinion is to pass ideas one by one to staff, so they dont "lock up"
    " Rock hard, ride free "

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    hello to everyone,
    i'm level 162 in the greek server and 91 in s46 (to keep track of the official game).

    The idea to use 2x and 3x XP cards at the same time is at least brilliant.

    We at the greek server ask silver cards 2x and 3x (like the XP cards) so we can gather more silver and more energy units depended the level of the player as long no more dungeons added in the Sky city (for more XP).
    I'll be more specific
    Every 10 levels above 100 lv more energy units
    Every 20 levels above 100 lv 1 free dungeon key
    for example
    lv 100 vip player 3 free keys, 3 paid, 550 energy units (that's what we have in greek server)
    lv 120 vip player 4 free keys, 3 or more paid, 610 energy units
    lv 140 vip player 5 free keys, 3 or more paid, 670 energy units
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRAToZZ View Post
    Left em off because i never do em lol very time consuming to 1 click, wait 3 seconds, click again

    But thanks for the heads up ill see if i can get more xp there 1%a day is a joke without loops
    This has to be 1 of the lack of better word d.umb thing i have heard

    I guess you dont open chest or do boss runs cause you got to click and wait 1 min give or take ( for boss runs ) ???

    For that matter why you do dung you got to click enter dung - you sure -you have already exploried continue and a bunch just to enter a dung
    I also guess you never made t4s cause you had to click make -pop limit message -remake and so on just to get t4s you wanted
    You also dont cult heros cause you got to click then accept /retry and repete ?
    Could go extreme and say you dont even log in cause you click server and wait for loading ?

    While i do agree that a bunch of stuff could and should be more click friendly that is not an excuse not to do it
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    @ CaDa
    Well you can think of it as any way you want, 1 abyss from L1 to l6 takes me around 15 mins for no xp and a loss of energy
    When i could just ran dungeons (x6) in under 24 mins and get way more xp doing that is way faster than abyss/tower
    And your right i dont cultivate my heroes

    Just making a suggestion since these so called devs keep running out of ideas that are worth it in the long run

    I dont remember the last thing they did that was "great", like that valhalla shop was updated but didnt add what i was looking for at all, when i was the one bs them for an update, all they gotta do is make it like Black Market

    Black market another fail feature with only being able to make 1 gear or 2 per year unless you slam the money on the table
    *when you get enough of the black spars the level of the gear is not even worth it

    *Ice breaker was ok back in the day, look at it now it is not possible to a top reward
    *balloon with darts, same story as icebreaker
    *that chicken feature hennery, what a fail too 100 rice for the chicken, 100 worms for the eagle even if u coin the reward is only good for red or gold egg

    Haven't seen you post a sugesstion

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    Kratozz you know as well as anyone here .... THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US .... its all about their bottom line

    the only way to get change is to effect their bottom line
    but i have gave several ideas that doesnt affect their bottom line or anything but it just falls on deaf ears so basically
    i gave up on them listening to players or anyone and just make the best of it


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