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Thread: Maintenance Notice (January 19th)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henn.Reiska View Post
    PopovicP you need to do is tell Leo that make all gold prices payable with coupons too, only leave auction house, shop and adv wheel gold only. If players can buy more slots with coupons, then we not need that crappy arena fighting event (or it coud be bonus event for being higher lvl). We want to see lot more stuff where we can pay with coupons.

    If that is not good idea then at least tell us why its bad!
    I agree 100%. Ill pass your idea to devs... see what happens. Just to skip misunderstanding, tell me which "gold prices" you think it would be vital. At least for starters. You mentioned inv slots. What else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRAToZZ View Post
    When will inventory be upgraded?? Those with max cant use their scrolls
    Passed that question to devs and Leo too...
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    @DaCa and others interested
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    @ Kratozz and others at max inv
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