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Thread: [Introduction] Sky City

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    [Introduction] Sky City

    Sky city used to be a beautiful city with affluent resources. However, it was coveted by dark forces. During the prolonged war, many places had fallen into the hands of demons. At this critical moment, the remaining humans fought fearless to defend their homeland. Although many of them had sacrificed their lives, humans barely managed to hold back demons’ occupation of all areas of the city. The city is now a place where danger and opportunities coexist for warriors. You may grow stronger by defeating demons and earn your reputation among people here. However, you also risk being killed by fierce evil spirits everywhere at any time.

    How to enter the Sky City:
    After you have completed the main quest of 115, you will receive the quest “Stuff in treasure” from “Gaussra” in the Exchange Shop of “Regia Deorum”.
    After you completed a series of quests and obtain the wings, you will be able to enter the sky city.

    More challenges, new dungeons with various monsters as well as loots will be brought to players.


    Click “Overview” button to enter the “Wing” interface. Wing can increase the maximum units that players can command.

    The materials for enhancing wings can be obtained via completing quests in Sky city, killing monsters in its maps and dungeon.

    Enhancing wings can improve its effect.

    New dungeon:
    After players reach level 120, they can go to a place called “Shadow land” which is located in the Sky city. After clearing a stage, you can enter the next stage.

    Dungeon Key II is required to enter this dungeon. It costs 15G.

    Players have odds to loot equipment and hero fragments in Shadowland. Collect a certain amount of them, you can trade for advanced equipment and heroes.

    How to exchange:Alliance auction house——Elisa

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    The DK2 simply HAS to be available from somewhere too, for free.

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    where? and how? (After you have completed the main quest of 115)?

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    Hahahaha - well, it's good to know there is some interesting stuff when I get to level 115 - like 5 months from now.

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    There is no way to enter in new dungeon unless you give 15g? Please Leo can you clarify this for players?

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    can someone plz tell me which one is the main quest for 115....I haven't done any quests since 105..been too lazy

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    The write up makes it seem as though there are ZERO free entries per day into the level 120 sky city dungeon, unlike other functionality that offers a taste to free players and more runs for spenders. Is this the case? If so, it is utterly ridiculously there there is a top level dungeon with bonus content and drops that is ONLY available to people willing to put $1.50 on their credit card per run. If Shadowlands is as described this game will be officially completing the transition from "free to play with bonuses for spenders" to "pay to play, screw non-spenders" that has been slowly occuring for a while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour View Post
    this game changed from f2p (free to play) to F2P (forced to pay)
    to P2P ( Pay to Play )

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    do we get g as well? i cant afford 15g for a dung key , is no way to make g in my server and i am not a coiner , so is smt i will be forced to skip? i heared ppl got for advb wheel or arena cup rewards , i dont du arena nor do i have the g to spin........

    Lala s3

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    They at least need to make it purchasable with Coupons.


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