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    Treasure Explorer

    Necrolis: Freddy, Master Ogway
    Land of Bones: HoneyApple, Jud-Hops
    Forest of the Fallen: Devil-Aries, Nic-Wide
    Soulmoor: Devil-Capricorn, Chie-Bing
    The Badlands: Devil-Sagittarius, Hyper. Death Knight
    Crystalline Crypt: Devil-Pisces, Magni

    Sanctaria: Ronaldo, Devil-Aries
    Azar Temple: Messi, Devil-Capricorn
    Fruitvale: Robben, Devil-Sagittarius
    Frostbloom Glen: Neymar, Devil-Pisces
    Anor Plain: Cancer, Devil-Scorpio
    The Wailing Canion: Leo, Mundo

    Arthlan: Virgo, Yeti
    Grove of the Ancients: Death Knight (for the pink hero Death Knight trans. to golden), Master Pandaren
    Windswept Wetland: Santa, Master Monkey
    Lake Slari: Evil Santa, Master Tigress
    Luna Prairie: JOJO, Master Crane
    Abyssal Glade: MustardSaber, Master Kaii

    Regia Deorum: Devil Scorpio, Modi
    Chasm of Despair: Mundo, Fandral
    Brimstone Bosk: Yeti, Thor
    Chthon Wilderness: Master Pandaren, Ronaldo
    The Burning Barrens: Master Monkey, Messi
    Chaoshaven: Master Tigress, Robben
    Infernus: Master Crane, Neymar
    Seid Highland: Master Kaii, Cancer
    Haunted Copse: Master Ogway, Leo
    Aparo Desert: Hud-Hops, Virgo
    Cave of Burning Snows: Nic-Wide, Death Knight's Horse frags (golden)
    Frozen Ossuary: Chie-Bing, Santa Claus
    Stonefrost Tundra: Hyper. Death Knight, Evil Santa
    Shores of Perdition: Magni, Jojo
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    Thank you hara.

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    any idea what minimum march strength per city?

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    Thanks Harra, very useful information

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth.Kolke View Post
    any idea what minimum march strength per city?
    The mobs are not very hard to kill, so you dont need high strength. Just very high agi. They have very fast shooters with spells, way faster then Abyss II layer 1.
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    so 50, 70k agi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth.Kolke View Post
    so 50, 70k agi?
    There are too many factors to break it down to a specific value. The unit upgrade level (and the unit agi that results from it) for example is very important.

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    well i'm not fast enough at 70k agi....................110 soo miss leading. like self annilation for promoting a fair game feature. very discouraging.

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    hi guys. anyone has unlocked some areas after infernus?


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