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Thread: Love Story

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    GL on the home inspection Ducky!
    I bought a home with the love of my life a year ago, its such an exciting time!
    I hope you will make a lovely home together, but dont forget about your favorite game
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    still waiting for patience...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cog_37899 View Post
    About a year and a half ago I started playing this game. It was a fun game that I was playing with a few friends from other games. We started meeting new people and really having a good time. There was this one Character named lilibeth. She made me smile every time I talked to her. Well as the months went by we lilibeth and I talked more and laughed a lot and then out of no where our alliance had a collapse. Our leader left us and we didn't know what to do. A group of us stuck together and I was happy lilibeth decided to join us and head to an amazing group called seven. We as a team blossomed there, but something else blossomed. lilibeth and I started talking on the phone. She has an amazing voice and I felt a real connection. But she lived over a thousand miles away. We continued to talk on the phone and then ventured to the video chat. She was beautiful and I was in love. We talked about us being together but the distance was always there. We kept growing closer to each other and she said she wanted to move here and be my partner in life. So on May 31st 2012 she came to me, to be my ever lasting love and we have not been any happier. This will be our first valentines together and even though she has stopped playing the game, we owe COG so much. I just wanted to share this with everyone and people say that this is just a game, but for lillibeth and I, it is so much more.

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    Wow... Really amazing Duckie!

    Regards SuperDead

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    Thanks very much for Share this Interesting Love Story with all of us Buddy. I like it very much, keep it up.

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    I Like your Love Story, which is Full with Love and Emotions. Thanks for the Post...............

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    Really a very Remarkable Love Story it is.

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    Its really a very Romantic & Emotional Love Story.

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    I don not Believe in the Love Stories.

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    What a Romantic Love Story it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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