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Thread: [Feature] "Clash of the Titans”

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    Here at Server S12 we are trying a little experiment, Clash with no-T4s. We've have had some very interesting results. Our participation has increased greatly and we are observing very high clash scores. We've found that a lot more people are willing to sacrifice T3s and conserve the more valuable T4s for other things like PvE and AWs.

    Maybe, after we breach Sky City and our levels even out, we will switch over to T4s again.

    Here's an idea for the devs: A Clash accessible to everyone, limited to T3s. Another Clash only accessible after you gain your wings to Sky City which allows for T4s but has better exploit rewards and shop.

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    Better yet why dont they break the lanes down into lvls
    1 lane for players lvl 20-30....another for players 40-50..nd so on nd so on..this would make every1 want to do it u wont be fighting players with t4s unless urself can have them this will make for a more lvl playing field for every1 instead of the top spenders getting farther while the lower players stay at the bottom

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    how many points do i need to rank up??
    (from lord to higher position) well to collect better loot ^_^

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    Clash is so unfair...
    I can kill almost anyone, getting loads of points

    You should set winner to the last lane, or make the winner have a troop resplenigh of 90% and the loser of 95%

    This would start balancing this "useless for 60% of the players" event


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    My suggestion after reading many posts on clash is actually very simple and i think would make it a lot more profitable for all levels of players and give everyone a fair shot. Instead of continuing with the lanes or rows as they are make the entire battlefield shift and roll. Meaning if you are looking at your own screen in the very far left lane and win you go to the very end spot available for your team. This will prevent one side from owning the door and allow all players from each side to fight and cycle thru. I think the ranks in shops should be a bit more reasonably obtained. I dont like the idea of no ranks cause my g/f's account is a prime example of how this can be exploited and used by some players to get great rewards for ver little losses. he joined a server late after watch me come back to the game on a new server. She just joins for one fight then quits. So she get 102 points everyday without losing but very few troops. Another big big fix is a better balancing filter. Need to say ok a 90 joins we put him holy ok another 90 he goes dark that should be that hard to implement. Will this prevent one side from being much stronger then other no but would be a lot better then seeing 8 90+ on one side and 2 on other.

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    can`t find any info about military rank and condition of its increase... does it depend of exploits amount only? then, how much must I have to up to corporal?

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    I heard some whining on my server about participation in Clash... because we have much more ppl in world boss than in Clash... and this is on S4...
    I don't participate in Clash and will not until some things are changed... and let me try to explain it...
    I am lvl 119 and only rewards which interest me in Clash are blood and rhino items... it is no problem that there is stronger players which will get much more exploits than me, I will collect enough for what I want sooner or later.
    Problem is that with this rank system I will NEVER BE ABLE TO BUY what I want because I will never gain rank needed for items I want... on our servers only 3-4 strongest players get that rank ever...
    So I choose not to play and not to waist time and units on this, for me, useless event...
    For starting you should remove this ****** rank system which stops me to buy what I want... then I can think about returning to Clash.. until that there is nothing for me to gain, only to lose units...
    ChikiNever, S4


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