Chrono Rift is accessible to players twice every day at 15:00 and 21:00.

Players whose levels are above 30 are qualified for "Clash of gods”.

1. For both rounds of battle, players can click icon to enter the battlefield 5 minutes earlier before it begins.
2. Players will be distributed randomly to either Holy League or dark league at the first time when they enter Clash of gods every day.
3. "Clash of gods” lasts 20 minutes per round. The faction with higher scores wins.
4. Players will be ranked based on their total exploits points at 21:30 every day. The military title will be updated according to it at the same time. The higher military rank you possess, the better military provision you can claim every day.5. The faction data will be reset at 0:00 every day. All players will be distributed randomly to a certain faction the next day again.

Relic War:
1. After a player enters the battlefield, the system will deploy his/her troops to a random grid cell in the battlefield. The battle takes place automatically among players from both factions with the matchmaking system.
2. After a battle, the winner will stay in the battlefield waiting for another opponent to be matched by the system while the loser will be forced out of the battlefield. Routed or escaped players need to wait for a cool down for respawn and then enter the battleground again.
3. Players can neither reinforce units nor modify the equipment for their heroes during "Clash of gods” until they are defeated or “Clash of gods” has ended.
4. The recovery rate for unit loss in PVP battlefield is 95%.
5. The automatic army replenishment for VIP is not available in PVP battlefield.

Exploits points:
1. Players can obtain exploits points by defeating opposing players during the relic war. The exploits points they can get depend on the military rank of those players they have killed. Defeating players with higher military title will bring you more exploit points
2. As long as players participate in Clash of gods, they will get at least 1 exploit point even if they lose.
3. There are only soldier cards in exploit shop right now; more items will be added into it in the formal version of “Clash of Gods” later.

1. Players can claim double daily rewards for their military title from this maintenance to Jan 31th 00:00.