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Thread: New Sky Dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Layne.Ns.Dalby View Post
    Leo, we really really need some new sky dungeons the way you make the other new dungeons is bit insulting, putting them with hero combo ability, but giving us rewards that are rubbish in return.

    So please make us 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 sky, Following the exp gain you got doing 1-8 and Silver gain also, so sky 9 can be like 10k silver per fight etc

    It is highly frustrating doing sky for so long (because its only place for me to farm Silver aswell as level heroes although they have near halted to a stop levelling)

    Some people have been in my position 1 YEAR + longer than me, and I hold my hats off to you for patience, but enough is enough.

    Please please give us new sky, and do NOT put mobs using hero combos, I don`t mind if fights are 10x harder, but please no combos.

    I have 100 more suggestion, but I really feel this is essential for higher players to keep interested. getting 0 exp..on double dungeons guess what I get per fight leo? since what is double of nothing?
    good need thes

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