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Thread: [Feature] Boss Rush

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    [Feature] Boss Rush

    1. Player can challenge 5 times each day while VIP member can get extra 2 times

    2. Enter boss rush will consume an attempt

    3. You can also buy an attempt with 5 gold

    4. Each monster requires 3 energy points to challenge

    5. First 3 players pass the challenge will have extra prize.

    6. Player can freely choose where to start after 00:00’s reset, and player can only challenge stages behind the starting point chosen.
    E.g. player who already completed 50 stages choose start from 30th stage after reset, then he shall not enter previous 29 stages.

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    does this fight need troop / loss troop ?

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    troop lost?Nico

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    If these bosses use valhalla cards then you probably should mention that as well.. Not everyone is participating in the valhalla gold digging.

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    THanks, enemy level 180.. and it does make loss troop.. FU

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    Troop loss is there and the mobs have the special strikes also..

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    This is about to be end game for me as many free players we are not like your test servers heros level 1 with 15k troops and 100000 agil and attack

    This might be the thing to make me QUIT really thinking about it

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    I am level 130 started this boss rush event and it doesn't say what level the mob is so I presumed that it must not be too high only it is lvl 180 for the boss rush 1. like seriously do u not think that this information might be a little bit important. why can I even participate in this event please explain


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    Im Lvl 117 and strong for my lvl and got all my T5 wiped out on first boss rush, you seemed to not mention a lot of fine details as many of us went in and most likely lost a lot of troops as I did. This is ridiculous!!!


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    yup another reason why i only sign in an get rewards... i hit the boss event 1x an lost badly.... so much for the new troops i was using now need to start over.... i think cog should reimburse all of the troops we lost for not mentioning that the boss was lvl 180 to start....



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