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Thread: agility.... issues and solutions

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    agility.... issues and solutions

    Many high level players are facing serious problems with agility in this game.
    Im not one of them, yet, but I would like to help sort this problem. I can not do this alone, so everyone who can, help out please and share your thoughts on this here.

    I do not fully grasp the problem, but this is what I get from talking to many of you:

    There are 2 major problems:
    *PvE: new mobs and bosses are too fast (and have spells), its almost impossible to match their speed with the current hero/unit combinations.
    *PvP: in the arena agility calculations are wrong, making slower caster heroes shoot before faster archer ones.

    Both need to be fixed, but please try and focus on the PvE one here (there have been quite a few threads about the PvP issues).

    At some point in the game, players have to choose between going for an all spellcaster team or an all archer team. There is no way around this, since unit upgrade needs so many upgrade stones.

    The players who choose casters have a serious problem: it is almost impossible to get enough hero agility to be able to do the new dungeons and abyss, even with caster unit agility maxed (which MOST PLAYERS CAN NOT AFFORD TO DO!!!). (purg II with casters setup: with unit upgrade max agi level9 and water elements still needs 55k hero agi for layer 1)

    There could be an easy solution for this: a new t3 caster unit. One that is faster then water elements, a lot faster (how much, anyone, 500 unit agi?). To compensate reduce other stats. It should be a cheap unit, since the enemies spells in these new areas will mean it will still get hit sometimes, even with high agility.

    To compensate archer users, introduce a new t3 archer unit as well, one that is similar to lizardman archers but with much higher attack.

    But there are probably other solutions as well, please share if you have any ideas.

    I know that mounts were introduced to help solve this problem, but we can not get mount food if we dont shoot first. So many players get stuck because of these enemies being too fast. People are quitting because of this, so it needs attention. Now.
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    We are having this problem on Aeria in PVP. Spellcasters with less agility firing faster than archers with more hero agility and individual unit agility. I have submitted tickets, but not really sure its going to go anywhere. I have pulled myself completely out of PVP because of this and stopped using resources to upgrade. I'm just going to sit there with everything until COG makes a clear decision and fixes this. One way to fix this is make spellcasters and archers the same speed on the unit - "1". Archers are speed "2" now and Spellcasters are speed "1".

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    Great post Willow. Abyss II and and boss rush fire way too fast. We end up in a loop where we can't do boss rush to get mounts for more agi cause we're not fast enough. Abyss II is the same way. I can think of a couple more solutions in addition to willow's above for PvE:

    Ways to help players raise their agi
    a. log event that gives mounts
    b. add heart gems as drops in last layer of purg I and upper sky dungeons (this will earn you more money when we pay to add more slots or at a min. money to de socket gems to replace with better ones.)

    Ways to min troop loss from lack of agi
    a. a way to get reso bibles
    1. add to drop list for top sky dungeons
    2. add to drop list for class coliseum
    3. drops/rewards for future events/promotions
    b. get rid of enemy skills in first layer or two of abyss II

    Ways to lower agi to allow more players to use feature
    a. lower agi in boss rush
    b. lower the agi in the first layer or two of abyss II


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