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Thread: [Feature] Pet new feature

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    [Feature] Pet new feature

    Click the icon to see the new feature

    1. Improve pet’s quality

    a. Use Pet Aptitude Pill to improve pet’s quality, player can only choose 1 attribute to upgrade each time
    b. Click the “+” at the end of gauge to upgrade, upgrade requires Quality potion
    c. Each use of Quality can improve the corresponding attribute by 1
    d. Upgrade will be unavailable once max attribute reached

    2. Pet rebuild

    a. Pet can rebuild once reaches Lv.40
    b. Pet’s level will be reset to 1 after rebuild, overflow EXP will be transferred to rebuild pet
    c. Upper limit of attribute and 4 basic properties will be improved
    d. Pet can be rebuild again at Lv.50 and Lv.60
    e. Pet max level is 110
    f. If pet rebuild successfully, his name will be add (+1; +2) below.

    3. Pet skill (like hero skill)

    a. Unlock pet skill slot to learn the skill
    b. Pet skill only valid in pet arena
    c. Each pet can equip 6 skills in maximum
    d. Skill level starts from 1 and requires advance skill book to upgrade

    All pet skill book, Pet Aptitude Pill and Pet Promotion Pill will drop at Monster Island

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    Wow, you made us wait that long for longtime announced improvements and now you bring this crap that costs gold for every part... ya!

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    Agree Diderot

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    They drop in Monster island. That sounds free to me. Am I missing something?

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    we need more gear in the list of pet food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poised_monk View Post
    They drop in Monster island. That sounds free to me. Am I missing something?
    Only the aptitude pills will be useable for free. And they will only add 1 point to your pets aptitude. Considering that only 1 pill scroll or junior pill drops for me every other day, I assume that those aptitude pills will only drop once per month or less. In other words, to make a real progress here, you have to buy more aptitude pills in the gold shop. So yes, it is free - as long as you don't care about progress. Besides, I somehow doubt that the pills/increased aptitude values will have an effect on the actual stats. Means, if you have a lvl 50 pet with 2k attack and you increase it's attack aptitude, it will probably remain at 2k. But that's just my guesses ofc. Let's wait for the maint and the first drop of a pill and see.

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    lol pet reincarnation cost in gold is CENSORED....
    devs dont want u to see how much gold they have

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    Quote Originally Posted by cog_2032382 View Post
    lol pet reincarnation cost in gold is CENSORED....
    devs dont want u to see how much gold they have
    It's test server , most likely they have millions :P

    Lala s3

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    Nico, update Pet Competive exchange shop with better equipments and pets this maint, since this is about pets!!

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    First, Kudos to you guys for actually posting the maintenance notes before maintenance. This is the way it should be, please ignore those people that got confused because they aren't used to you posting them until after maint. We would prefer you post the notes early like this.

    Okay, Nico, Leo, whichever random Dev can answer. You need to provide more information and answer a few questions on the new pet bits.

    First, what happens to our "taming" level when we "rebuild" a pet. If this level resets it might not be deemed "worth it" to those of us with high level pets at 1.1 taming level. It sounds like the taming level will be reset. This is a complete waste, we all know you guys can't do math well and it takes FOREVER to get a pet to 1.1 --for one pet I have given up trying.

    Second, we are presuming that "rebuild" is basically reincarnation for pets. Is this the case? If it is, what, exactly will it cost for each time, and what %, exactly, of stats gets carried into the lvl 1 pet. Please note that the first reincarnation for heroes can be done without spending gold. I STRONGLY suggest that this be the same for pets. Particularly because I don't foresee you answering these questions quickly.

    Pet skills: will skills be to specific pets, fierce, etc? What will it take to "unlock" a skill slot? Will pets have two free skill slots or are you just money grubbing for gold? Will skills stay with the pet if you rebuild? (they should, but you guys have messed things like that up before)

    Right now this just looks like another "feature" designed to take up inventory space and make people spend gold. We are all getting tired of it. You need to basically just give everyone another free 45 invo slots for all the things you keep adding.


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