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Thread: Which Events and Prize do u want?

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    Bring back this event please. Yes the advanced wheel could definitely use an upgrade

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    I want to point happened again

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    Pls bring gold cave back

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    Quote Originally Posted by cog_1949989 View Post
    like this event

    or swap chaos stones for braveness dust in erebus. for valhala anniversary.

    Bump this one for upcoming anniversary.

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    many problems in game .start with the lag ,its ridiculously slow ,pet arena ,i have been doing for about 5 yrs and still havent all the pet mats?????. ,collisuim has big problems in 5 fights i still am fighting the same players 2 to 3 times.lower level players moving or shooting before me even thou my agility is higher???????.the drops from dungs are a waste of time, we have been asking for years to fix. Had a red pet breeding stone that wouldn't work no matter what i did Always said pet to old even at lvl 1 tried on many pets.this is only part of the problem, there is too many glitches errors etc to mention. Like i asked before please fix the basic's foxster s.16

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    The devs need to give the dungeons a rest once in awhile. It seems like every week, there is a dungeon event....along with some kind of new feature that is undecipherable and DOES NOT WORK!

    I don't know about others, but stuff like FlipFlop, Icebreaker and those "climbing" events are nothing but annoyances.

    You want gold? Fine! Put that stuff in the Gold Shop.

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    There is way, way, way too much GARBAGE on the 50G wheel these days. Not even worth 1G.

    No new equips, lots of junk.

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    I hope Add rune pink


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