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Thread: Which Events and Prize do u want?

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    Which Events and Prize do u want?

    As some players advice, now nico post a new post here. Players can post any ideas about event or prize in the post. And we can check your ideas with dev and other players to make more fun events and more prize you want.

    Call of Gods lasts more than 4 years. Thanks for all of you so long time support.

    Also thanks for help COG good with all of you. We want to make better game experience for all of you.

    Now we may last some event in some times later. All of you can post the advice here

    Event Plan: Zombie Time
    We may add some new soldier units like zombie like the Walking Dead.
    Players need collect the zombie stone to release them. Zombie stone may drop in dungeon, abyss and arena(may be).

    If you got enough zombie stone. You can release one of them. And the zombie you can recruit in your castle.


    Something more will come in Call of Gods in the future.

    Do all of you think it is ok? And also you will have any ideas about this or other event plan.

    Post here and let me know.

    Let us make more good game with all of you.


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    new units, and maybe new class ?
    new t5 units, with reduced cost for t4 ?

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    Sky dungeons so 150 lv + can lvl faster.

    Appropriate drops in general for dungeons and purgatory-better nothing than white gems and similar trash to fill inv.

    Mark multiple items and delete them with 1 click-would save time when on exp card.

    Chance to make Lanterns rather than getting them from wheel.

    And so on but no time .. gotta go work :-)

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    Greetings and salutations new cog team.
    firstly thanks for already improving the game by non generic replies and asking us what we want. Much lynz appreciated
    secondly Hi and welcome! Sorry you have bit of mess to deal with but I'm sure you will do it great

    we need new dungeons with new drops. Double dungeons are near no use for us higher players, so please add them.

    add lantern monster to t4 exchange.

    double loop hour - gain 2x as much from loop quests 1 hour per day (two times 1 hour to make 2 time zones benefit)

    optimise alliance war - better rewards, allow us to get DK 2, met irons, uus items, core socket key etc as cities.

    New items in rep shop honor shop and clash shop,

    once pass 150 add new item to purge abyss secret box.

    Add more population limit for all levels 90+

    Add way to transmute met 2 and met 3.

    give us good experience and silver/equipment gaining team bosses.

    finish the new island it could be so great with a little thought,

    But really thank you new cog team, your already impressing some of us just by the little things.

    many thanks!

    Casual, m.16

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    So much more I can write but at work on my phone il update list/shorten and optimise it later.

    again thanks new Nico!

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    1. Rush to ranks event
    2. king of Arena event.

    maybe create an event involving Alliances, must most of ll I would like to see a merge were every server is merged into one. this would allow for years of additional play I believe it would keep old player playing and allow for new one. make it like 0 to 100 levels ranking 101 to 130 ranking 130 to 180 ranking I mean make it worlds were you advance to new worlds at the above mentioned levels. this would allow all events to be played by all players of different ranks.

    I would like the event king of arena like you had a few years back were the winner got a shateredsun equipment enhanced to level 12. I would like to see the circle quest stop giving 5 fang skins at one time or mephisto I mean you do your circle quest and you end up doing 3 fang skins or more and 3 mephisto or more. I mean you have a lot of bosses in the game to create new circle quest to were it not repetive. I wou

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    Hi and thanx for all the great work you guys are putting in to improve the game again.
    My only wish would be that we could transmute items like the meteorI into II etc as discussed above as well as the upgrade potions for classing.
    New T5 units would be awesome as well and better access to Lanterns is a definate +

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    tough we all need meteor iron transmute an power up also.
    lvl 1 transmute to lvl 2
    lvl 2 transmute to lvl 3
    lvl 3 transmute to lvl 4

    we need them because all thats mat is craps

    score 1 event, mostly need to got dung key

    higher sky dung for lvlin 155 up.
    Alfia.s5 & 16

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    Let me ask you a question, then perhaps you might see our point and start reading suggestions....................... Nico, if you where to stop all events. How long would you an average player continue to play?

    I for one would not play long with all the issues you all have put off that need to be addressed. Basic game is to flawed to even try to push off for sale, thus the only thing you try to sell are the sidewalk events. Time for you and staff to get to core issues and fix this beast for once.

    Make customer support your #1 priority...............Remember. You might be in China. However, you all end up in my house for consumption.
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    thanks this can be an improvement!

    more units we can recruit, 2600 doesnt cover now we can loose 40% from 70 to 90k units!
    place all cards in valhalla exchange shop those crystals in our inventory are not cheap so let us use!
    stuck on dawnbreaker because advanced daylight essence doesnt drop.

    think about it, dont repeat suggestions already wroten i agree with.


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