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Thread: How To Play Class Coliseum:

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    How To Play Class Coliseum:

    1. You must have at least 4-5 Transformed heroes - or you won't be able to win
    2. Click on the Icon to enter the feature
    3. You will start with the easiest Level which is Nightmare
    4. Your first enemy will be "Infantry"
    5. Once you defeated all enemies from the Infantry - click on "Save and Exit"
    6. The 2nd day (after server refresh) - click on the Archer and you will be able to go to the "2nd Level" within Nightmare
    7. Once you defeated all enemies from "Archer" - click "Save and Exit" and after server refresh click on Cavalry for the 3rd level

    So far I got these drops: Meteor Iron I, Meteor Iron II, Meteor Iron III, Power Up Potion I, Power Up Potion II

    - Drops are very rare - might not get anything from a run
    - Enemy units are very strong - using hard combo skills
    - If you lose a fight you can fight again (I sometimes try over 10 times until I win)
    - I'm level 146 with 5 transformed units (just for ref so you can build a picture how hard it is).

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    Which scrolls you can get for a drop in Class Coliseum depend on which enemy you fight. If you choose to fight infantry, you will get scrolls for infantry class equip for example.

    I just got a Radiance scroll from purgatory spellcasters, maybe the better scrolls (Arcane (inf), Ghost (arch), Nathrezim (cav), Radiance (cast) and Yasha (fly)) only drop in the higher 2 rooms. But thats just a guess right now.
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