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Thread: Complete Guide to CoG: Background story, 3 races, starting a game

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    Complete Guide to CoG: Background story, 3 races, starting a game

    Part of the Complete Guide to CoG:

    Call of Gods is a strategy game more then a role playing game. It requires a lot of work, patience, cunning, luck and a bit more patience to make it to level 115, get your wings and fly out to higher level dungeons and adventures and be a CoG super star. A lot of players are just here to spent some free time and don't have this goal in mind at all, for them its a great game too, but they will probably not be reading this guide a lot, so I will be foccusing on the "die hard" players who spent several hours a day playing this great game.

    The world in which the game is set has a background story, which can be found at: This is not a vital part of the game though, and I think most players never even read it. In the CoG world you will encounter loads of strange, dangerous creatures which you will need to kill in order to advance in the game (meaning getting experience (xp in short) and finding equipment and other items you will need). Without killing you will not get very far, so get your swords out and get ready for some slaying!

    When you start a new game/character, you will have to choose between 3 different races and whether your character will be male or female. There is nothing else to choose, so this is not your typical role playing game. Which gender you pick does not effect the game at all, only your portrait and avatar. Which race you pick has little influence on the game. During the first 30 levels you will be playing in your races own territory, but after that, everyone can go everywhere. There is two things only that do affect game play throughout your entire game (although the effect becomes smaller when you grow): a small bonus each of the 3 races gets to one of the 4 main statistics. Humans will gain a small attack bonus, Elves get an agility bonus and Undead get a vitality bonus. Also each race has its own (teir 1 and 2) units (infantry, archers, cavalry, spellcasters, flyers), and they do not have the same qualities. Elves have good archers, Undead have good spellcasters, Humans have good cavalry. I am not sure who has the best infantry or flyers. But this does not effect game play enough to worry about it. Just pick the race that you like best. Their are tiny differences in the games artwork that depend on your race as well, but I bet most players never even noticed those.

    Pictures and background info on the 3 races:
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