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    Complete Guide to CoG: Introduction and Contents

    Welcome to this "complete" guide to Call of Gods. It will never be truly complete, since the game changes all the time, and even after more then 4 years of playing, I am still learning new things. But I will make an effort to combine existing guides and fill in the blanks and also to organise things so they can easily be found by new and experienced players alike. The guide will be extensive, since Call of Gods is a complex game with lots of features. I will try to split this guide up into logical fragments and use links to existing tutorials on parts of the game whenever possible. It will take many months to finish all I want to write and collect here, but I will be releasing parts that are near complete so they can be used.

    When interested in the background story, different races or starting a new game, please read:

    When you start your very first CoG character, take the time to go through the ingame tutorial please.

    Also make sure you are familiar with the game rules ( and the forum rules (

    On the Main Screen are a lot of buttons and information, here is some information on all of them:

    There are 2 good places to look for help if you need information. One is this forum, the other is the Call of Gods wiki:

    If you encounter a game bug, try and relog to see if it goes away. In most cases it will. If it is still there, ask someone in your alliance, it might be a known bug they can help you with. Otherwise, cleaning browser history, cache and cookies will do the trick in a lot of cases. If even that does not work for you, try another browser to see if that fixes it. If none of that helps, use the forum to ask for help from other players or Leo, the official Call of Gods forum team member. Or you can open a "ticket" to ask help from Call of Gods team. Try to write your questions in easy English, many CoG employees do not speak English very well. Include screenshots if you can.

    When you talk to other players in the game, you will soon start seeing words you do not understand if you are new to the game. This is a list of often used words and their explanation:

    As you develop your character and your heroes, you will encounter different stages in the game. I will make a separate post for each one of them. BUT, a level 100 player may find usefull tips in chapter 1, so please look beyond your own level range! I am just using that system for the chapters to get some sort of logical order into things.

    Chapter 1: level 1 to 29, The first battles
    §1.1 First entry and Tutorial
    §1.2 Heroes
    §1.3 Dungeons
    §1.4 Building your Castle
    §1.5 Resources and Plundering
    §1.6 Alliances
    §1.7 Arena
    §1.8 Inventory
    §1.9 Skills
    §1.10 Gold
    §1.11 Facebook
    §1.12 Normal Mobs and Team Bosses
    §1:13 Newly Added Features (Team Dungeon, Valhalla)

    The following chapters will be released in the future:

    Chapter 2: level 30 to 49, New worlds


    At this point of the game, your own level is probably many levels higher then your heroes are. Do not worry about this, it is normal! Most players will still be using some green and blue heroes at this point, which is also normal. You should have at least 1 orange hero by now, 2 if you are on a new server and managed to log in 7 days on a row. More if you got very lucky in the tavern.
    Doing dungeons will not be so new anymore now, so try doing Timekeeping Dungeons when you can ( This will give you Troop Supply Cards if you manage to kill the end boss within 10 mintues, Troop Supply Card II from dungeons level 50 (?) and up.

    You may have gotten a Normal Wheel Card or even an Advanced Wheel Card by now. Or maybe you plan on spending gold on these wheels. When it comes to these wheels, always keep in mind:

    • Most of the time you will not get what you wanted, quite often you will get something you can not use at all.
    • To avoid total dissapointment, it may be a good idea to save your Wheel Cards untill there is an event on that gives you something you do need for you spins. At lower levels you are probably going to want to get pink heroes as soon as possible though...
    • The wheels are not fair. Not all squares have the same chance to come up. The better the item, the lower the chance is you will get it. The wheel used to say that on each item, now it does not anymore, but its still true!
    • Do not spin the first wheel you see. You can refresh it by going to one of the other wheels and back. Keep doing this untill you see many items on the wheel you really want. It is possible to get 3 pink/red heroes on one wheel, just keep trying!
    • Some other items you should look for: runes, red medals for level 90+ heroes (these can be made permanent) and red pets (those will give you something to work on untill you can get the super red pets)
    • Once you have found a really good Advanced Wheel, you can spin it as many times as you want (you need a card or 50g for each spin though!), by changing the number of attempts just above the Start button in the number of spins you want (this only works for the Advanced Wheel)

    What is new at level 30-49?

    Chapter 3: level 50 to 79, New troops and places to go
    T3 units, pets, abyss, more about battles, golden tree, battle jam, fantasy dungeon, class feature


    Hopefully your green heroes will be gone by now and you will be working with a team of blue, purple and orange heroes. You will start getting more and more blue and purple equipment for them and they will start catching up on your own level (if you do your dungeons!).

    What is new at level 50-79?
    • Once you turn 50, you can start using t3 units or senior units. These are all 10 units you see if you press the "senior units" button in the menu where you recruit your t1 and t2 troops.
    • Once you turn 50, you will get a Golden Tree in your Castle. This tree will give you some silver each time you shake it. It will also get an xp point, which will help it grow. Now others can come and help you grow your tree, by visiting your castle (make sure you change your settings so that other players can view it!) and watering your tree. You can also go out and help others by watering their trees, which will give you silver in return. At, first you can only shake your own tree 1 time a day (2 times if you are a vip), later this will increase at level 11 and 20. You can water 10 of your friends trees every day.
    • Once you turn 60, you get access to Monster Island and all things Pet related. Read all about this at:
    • Once you turn 60, you can access Purgatory Abyss I and II. This is a very dangerous place which you can access from within your alliance castle. It has its own unique drops and will give you xp as well. It has 7 layers, each layer has 25 room and each 5th room has a boss. Abyss II is way too hard, dont go there untill you are 150 or so. For a walkthrough go here:
    • Also the Class feature opens up, which will allow you to put stars on your heroes and give them a class: (be aware that giving a hero a class will restrict that hero to 1 troop type only!) and Valhalla Cards:
    • The Mount feature ( and becomes available as well at level 60, but its currently not possible to get mounts from the game itself, they only come from events. Mounts come with random starting stat, to see how big they can grow, use this:
    • When you turn 70, you will get access to Fantasy Dungeons. Unfortunately, you probably will not be able to use them untill you are level 80 or higher even.... bummer. But by now you should be able to run dungeon 60 Hell, and you will start getting your first orange gear.
    • You will also be able to join in Battle Jam now, which can earn you some extra silver and PVP experience:
    • The hero combo icon will appear at level 50 (?). Here you can claim a reward if you have specific combination of red or pink heroes.

    Chapter 4: level 80 to 99, Team building
    Hero speciality and gear, orange and red heroes, T4, equipment enhancement


    At lvl 80 you will hopefully be rid of most your purple heroes. Some players may have a full pink team already, if they got lucky in events or spent gold. But the game was designed for players with purple and orange heroes at this stage, so if that is what you have, do not worry! Getting red heroes will start to become easier now, since they drop in 70h, 80h, 90h, 100h and 110h dungeons.

    Abyss should now be something you do everyday, twice if you can get past layer 1 room 25. It drops unique gear you can not get anywhere else. The 4 piece Pride set will help you get your accuracy up, which you will need to get further into abyss where you can find Envy equipment. This is a 3 piece set for tank heroes (defenders) and will help your team of heroes a lot. Try to built 1 or 2 tanks with as much vitality on them as you can, defense and agility help too, but vitality (hitpoints) is most important! Basically, at lvl 80 you will start to specialise your heroes into 3 attackers, 1, 2 or even 3 defenders and probably 1 or 2 "dodgers" (front line attack heroes). There are actually 4 (!!) different orange level ±80 weapons!

    There is also a red equipment suit you can start using at level 80, if you have any: Evil Spirit. This is the first suit of a series which gives a very usefull bonus on a hero with 2 pieces of the suit on it: extra units! Evil spirit drops only in fantasy dungeons though, so if you still need red heroes you have a hard choice to make... or a compromise.

    You may want to start using the Refinement Stones and Grace of Earth you have found to refine your gems and get a bonus. Later on in the game, equipment will only have 1 gem slot and, unless you pay to open more gem slots, the Refinement feature ( will become pretty useless. If you are planning on spending, you can still start refining orange and better gems and pay the 1 gold to unsocket them.

    What is new at level 80-99?

    • Many new orange equipments and the first red 8 piece set with a 2 piece unit bonus!
    • At level 90 you will be able to join in some events, which are for 90+ players
    • At level 90 you will be able to start recruiting T4 units (Rippers, Siren Archers, Dark Knights, Occultists and Griffins) by using a new button in your recruitment screen. It is best to do this during the T4 Double Exchange Time (Happy Hour), when they come at half the normal cost. (normal transfer rate: 200 T3 turn into a random type of 10 T4). You will need 3 stacks of T3 that will be turned into 3 stacks of T4 at random. Use your population limit to have some control over this, you can avoid getting griffins or griffins+dark knights.
    • At level 90 you will be able to enter Chest Arena ( where you can get T5 units
    • You will also get soldier upgrade materials ( in Chest Arena. How to use these soldier upgrade materials best is a personal decision, but an important one! It is linked to the Class feature that opened at level 60 and the Unit Upgrade feature that will open at level 130. Getting these 3 aligned is quite important if you want to play past level 150! The current max level for Soldier Upgrade is 10, but there are plans to extend it to 20.
    • At level 90 you can enter Boss Rush. But don't. It has lvl 180 mobs in there with super speed and spells. Wait till you are least 150 to try this.
    • Equipment Enhancement (I for normal equipment, II for Class equipment) ( and and point 6) was already available, but now it will become more and more usefull. You will start finding more Enhancement Stones and also more equipment and badges that can be enhanced. Go to Hall of the Wild in Regia, talk to Inidil and select the EquipEnhance tab to use your stones. Enhanced equipment have increased battle stats and once you manage to enhance all 8 equipments on a hero to lvl 6, you will get a nice unit bonus. More for lvl 8, 10 and further. Save your enhancement stones for badges that can be made permanent (by enhancing them to level 12) first though!

    Chapter 5: 100 to 114, Heroes
    Astrology, reincarnation, team dungeon


    Turning 100 used to be the end of the game. And even after the maximum level got increased to 120, turning 100 only meant being able to do level 100 dungeons. There was nothing else there. But that has changed a lot in the past few years!

    At this point, you hopefully have mostly red and orange heroes (or pinks from events/wheel), with the best of them cultivated quite a bit (but safe most silver for the best heroes only!). Some may have a Class already and you probably have enough T4 and T5 to use in every day battles by now. If you are lucky, someone gave you some decent pets or maybe you got some from events, others may still be using purple pets, but again, there were no pets at all when the first people turned 100, so dont worry if you dont have great pets yet! Same goes for Mounts.

    What is new at level 100-114?
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