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Thread: Complete Guide to CoG: The Main Screen

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    Complete Guide to CoG: The Main Screen

    This is part of the Complete Guide to CoG,

    On the Main Screen are a lot of buttons and information, here is some information on all of them:

    At the top of the screen, in the red area, you see 5 numbers, they indicate the amount of wood, stone, iron and copper you have stored, which are the materials needed to build your castle and recruit troops. The 5th number is your current population (number of troops recruited). If you hold your cursor over any of these numbers, it will show you your current number and the maximun amount possible at that moment.

    At A is some basic information about your character, there is your portrait, the face people see when they interact with you. It will be one of 6 custom faces unless you pay for VIP and create your own. It also shows your ingame name (WillowOwl in this example). Also it indicates your current amounts of energy (371 out of 400), gold (0), coupons (637) and silver (3,555,710). All 4 of these are important game currencies. Energy allows you to attack creatures (it refills every day at server refresh at 0:00). Gold allows you to buy items from the gold shop, upgrade some game features and buy items from other players. Coupons can be used to buy items in the coupon shop or speed up certain things, but its probably wiser to hold on to them for use later on in the game. Silver is not very important to you right now, but if you keep playing it will become very important, so safe up as much as you can!
    Underneath this is the "overview" button. You can use that to see some info about your character, heroes and buildings, set your castles privacy setting and, later on, enhance your wings and put runes into them.

    At B are 3 buttons that allow you to move from the main land into your castle, where you build stuff and into the wild, where you can see other castles and plunder them if you like. (read paragraph ยง1.5 of this post before plundering anyone though!!)

    Just above B is the name of your current location (Aporo Desert) and the server time and date. Right above that are 4 buttons that lead to this forum, a settings menu, a help function and a button that leads you to a screen where you can buy ingame gold for real money.

    At C are 2 buttons, one is for ingame mail and the other is for the wheel of fortune. The mail button will flash if you get a new message, either from another player or from the game itself. Often system messages contain items, which you can take out of the mail and put in your inventory. If you do not need the item, I strongly suggest leaving it in the mail though. It will remain there forever and not take any of your valuable inventory slots!
    The wheel of fortune has 3 different tabs: free wheel, which you can spin for free once a day (more if you use free wheel cards), the normal and the advanced wheel. These last 2 cost gold to use, or cards which you will get during your time playing the game.

    At D is the chat window, its closed in this picture. Clicking the arrow will open it and allow you to use world chat, alliance chat, whisper or system chat. There is also a tab for league chat, but that does not work at the moment. Figuring out how to use the 4 chat functions can be a bit tricky, if you have no experience with ingame chat systems like this one. Ask someone to help you if needed.

    At E is the quest window, closed in this picture. If you open it it will show you 3 tabs: Main Quests, Daily Quests and Available Quests. If you click on the green name behind any quest, the game will auto walk your character to the place it needs to go to either accept the quest, do the battle or finish it.

    At F are a number of buttons, not always the same (some are for events) and more and more will appear while you level up, since more and more features will become available to you. Clicking any one of them will give you some kind of information, dont be afraid to try. The one you should definately click quite a few times every day is the book with "Check In" button. This is either right there between the other buttons, or it is in a menu that opens if you press the book with "Daily" on it. You will then enter a menu with 5 slots (not all may have something in them), one of which is called Check In. In the Check In menu you will find several pages again, the first 2 of which are most important. Signing the calender on the first page every day will give you nice rewards. On the second page (Daily Task) you can claim rewards just for being logged in for a certain amount of time and also for doing daily tasks. There is a list there with those tasks telling you how many points each one will give you. The Check In button will stay on the main screen untill you have signed the calender, after that it will go into the Daily menu. Personally I keep it flashing on my main screen untill have claimed all my login rewards (otherwise i would forget).
    You can hide all these buttons by using the little black up arrow to the right of them.

    Once you turn 60 there will be an icon at G, which is the Pet Collection Book. As for now, an almost useless function that gives some information on some of the available pets in this game.

    Just above G is a little button with 2 heads, at H. If you open this interface it will show you all players that are active and in the same location as you are. Not too usefull, unless you want to add people to your friends list or ask for help in a team battle.

    At the bottom of the screen is a long row of buttons. They all kinda tell you what they are for and you will learn when to use which one during your playtime. Take notice of the Goals button if it flashes, it may have some nice reward waiting for you!
    The Quest button may help you abandon quests if you get stuck.
    The Hero button is an important one of course, since this game is all about heroes! The inventory button you will be using a lot as well.

    Most of these buttons will lead to screens with several options or new buttons. Most will have an explanation with them. There are a few that I would like to point out, because I have noticed that many new players miss them and that is a shame.

    In the arena screen, there are 3 arena "types". The first one has a "reward" button in it, click that at least once a week to claim your reward (you will get one for making it into the top 100, which should not be too hard). Also use the "enter" button daily to do your 20 arena fights. You can start doing this once you turn 20 and even if you loose all 20 battles, you will still gain valuable honor points!

    In the inventory screen there are 4 buttons at the bottom. The second one is for the "safe", a shielded part of your inventory where you can store items you wont be needing for some time. You will need to set a password first, then it will be available for use. You can move items in and out of the safe by clicking them, dragging will not work.

    The goals button will flash if you have reached a new goal. Some goals have very good rewards, so check the goals list regularly. If you have earned any rewards you do not nead at the time, just leave them unclaimed, you can always come back and claim them later.

    2 newest features are:

    Valhalla: Here you can draw cards, refine them, exchange them and upgrade them. The cards can be used on heroes in the Class menu.
    more info on this at:

    Class: If you are level 60 or higher, you can use this to put stars on your heroes, give them a class (5 stars are needed, a hero with a class is restricted to 1 type of troops only!) and put valhalla cards on your heroes (no stars are needed for this, for gold you can open the last 2 slots)
    more info on this at:

    Some players have difficutly figuring out the chat window
    It can be a bit confusing, and even experience players will sometimes use the wrong chat function by mistake.
    There are 5 tabs on the chat window, all with a different funcion:
    world chat: shows server wide system messages, all chat in world chat, alliance chat and whisper chat. If you type something here, everyone can read it (if they have world chat turned on)
    leage chat: does nothing, it used to be for clash, but it was never removed when they deleted its funcion
    alliance chat: shows only the talking of people in the same alliance as you, what you say here can only be read by people in your alliance
    whisper: if you want to talk with 1 player without anyone else being able to read, use whisper. If you use this tab, you will not be able to read any other chat at all, only whispers. Take note, there could be more then 1 player whispering to you at the same time!!
    system: if you click this tab, you will not see any chatting at all, just general system message and your own personal ones. It is a good way to check how much honor you get after an arena battle for example, or what item you got 3 battles ago.

    If you use the button in front of the line where you type your text, you can also select where you want your chat message to show. This way you can have world chat open, but still say stuff that only alliance members can read.
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