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    Complete Guide to CoG: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: level 1 to 29, The first battles

    This is part of:

    Do the Tutorial!
    Build your castle and research technology and magic there.
    Try to find better heroes, check the tavern every 60 minutes and use the free refreshes.
    Equip your heroes with the gear you find.
    Don't be afraid to try a dungeon, you can always leave and come back later.
    Start doing your 20 arena fights every day as soon as you reach lvl 20.
    Join a good alliance!

    This section contains the following paragraphs:
    §1.1 First entry and Tutorial
    §1.2 Heroes
    §1.3 Dungeons
    §1.4 Building your Castle
    §1.5 Resources and Plundering
    §1.6 Alliances
    §1.7 Arena
    §1.8 Inventory
    §1.9 Skills
    §1.10 Gold
    §1.11 Facebook
    §1.12 Normal Mobs and Team Bosses
    §1:13 Newly Added Features (Team Dungeon, Valhalla)

    §1.1 First entry and Tutorial
    Congrats on making your CoG account! You now have your character human/elf/undead and male/female. Your race will determine on which part of the map you will start your adventure, Each race has its own Capitol (these are the lands at the far left of the main island, called Necrolis, Sanctaria and Arthlan) where you can find several npc's that will help you and give you quests. There is also a tavern and a battleground for your first battle practice.

    If you are new to the game, it is a good idea to do the tutorial and read the instructions to learn some basics. It does not take long and you will level up fast while doing it! You will see a lot of new, unfamiliar things during your first levels. Take your time to look around, click buttons to see what they do and read instructions when there are any. The tutorial will lead you through your first battles, don't worry too much about those, just watch and see what happens. It will also get you started on equipping your heroes, castle building and recruiting more heroes. I will assume you did the tutorial and skip those basics here. (If you skipped the tutorial and are now stuck on one of those basic actions, ask someone on your server, here on the forum, or just start another character on any server and do the tutorial there)

    You will notice you can not control your troops during the battle. This is a bit confusing for a strategy game. But later on you will learn that all decisions you make will determine the outcome of all battles you fight, so that's where the strategy part comes in.

    Part of the map, with the 3 race Capitols visible on the left:

    Close up of the Elf Capitol:

    All 3 Capitols have the same buildings in them, but with different names and appearance. There is the main building, which has 4 npc's (non playing characters) in it. Guide being one of them. If you ever get hold of a CoG gift code, this is where you use that. The npc's will give you quests, like the other npc's you will find all over this world. The Tavern is where you find new heroes, the market lets you exchange resources (2:1). All 3 capitols have one building with npc's that can help you with transmutation, socketing gems into equipment, learning skills to your heroes and refining gems. The npc's you need will have this written beneath their names. Also there is one area where you can do your first battles, it has the skull symbol, like all areas where you can battle creatures.

    Some useful npc's in the Elf Capitol.
    Similar ones with the exact same functions are available in the Human and Undead capitols and in Regia Deorum.
    Go here to:
    • transmute items (equipment, formation books, event items, the Transmutation Master will require certain items to combine and make a more usefull item for you)
    • socket gems (blue and better equipment has 1 or more gem sockets in it, the Gem Socketeer will help you put gems into equipment to make it more powerfull, and take it back out again if you want to (this will cost you 1 gold though)
    • teach skills to your heroes (the Skills Master will help you teach skills to your heroes, see §1.9 for more info)
    • refine gems (not advisable at current level, only refine orange and better gems)

    There are lots of fixed buttons and menues on the main screen, check this if you need more information on them:
    This also has a brief chat explanation at the bottom of the post.

    §1.2 Heroes
    One of the most important things in this game is finding good heroes. There are several ways to get new heroes, at this stage the Tavern is the best way. It has 3 heroes in it at all times (unless you have just recruited one or more) and every hour 3 new ones will appear. Set an alarm and go check as soon as the hour is over, so it will start counting down for the next hour refresh. You also have 5 free refreshes a day which you can use to summon 3 new heroes, if you are lucky you may find "summoning horn" (can also be bought for coupons, but coupons are worth a lot more later on in the game) or "book of astrology" which give a tavern refresh with a better chance of good heroes. Most of the heroes you will find in this way will be not so good, but you could get lucky! In later stages of the game heroes can also be found by defeating bosses. You may be able to get one from an event as well. At this stage of the game, most important is the potential of the heroes you see in your tavern, this determines how good they are, the higher the potential, the better the hero will be. For now, try to find heroes with at least 40 potential (purple or better).

    Inside the tavern you will find 3 available heroes. Also 2 other buttons, you should try to see what they do.

    The game will give you one free orange hero card I (OHCI) for turning level 20. This will give you an orange hero with 60 potential, nice gift! If you login EVERY day for a week after creating a new character, you will get another OHCI as a gift in the mail.

    Read all about heroes (or at least as much as you need right now) at: This post contains tips and ideas as well as facts. Just plain facts in a clear lay-out. old guide, but still quite usefull
    These posts contain information on hero skills which you should read at some point before you start teaching them any.

    A list of heroes from cards can be found at:

    Naked heroes do not fight too well, so if you find any equipment, use it! All equipment has an item level (which is only important when embedding gems) and a minimum hero level. Heroes that are lower level, can not use that item. Equipment comes in 7 colours, like heroes and most other things in the game, white being the worst quality, then green, blue, purple, orange, red and pink. You will be finding mostly white, green and some blue at this stage though. Most equipment becomes "bound" when you equip it, a warning about this will appear. If you decide to use the item, it will become bound to you, the player (meaning that you won't be able to give it to another player). It will not be bound to the hero you put it on, so you can always take it off later and put it on another hero.

    In the game there are quite a few equipment sets, more and more the higher you get. These give bonuses if you have 2 or more items of that set equipped on the same hero. You will get 6 items from 2 sets (traveller and rookie) early in the game, make sure you utilise the set bonus they give!

    Example of a hero with set bonus for wearing 4 pieces of the torrent set (also 2 of the harmony set):

    In this first stage of the game, you will be levelling much faster then your heroes. Also you may find yourself switching heroes often if you find a (much) better one in the Tavern. The gap between your level and your hero's level is normal at this stage, but it will cause problems if you keep it too long. It is better to do dungeons and fight monsters to level your heroes and get them closer to your own level then to just build and do quests, which will increase the gap more, since it will give you xp but not your heroes.

    When you need to leave the game for a while, you can put your character with one or more heroes on him at the highest possible training station (Necrodais, Military Academy or Soul Altar and Coliseum of Enlightenment after 30) or resource producing spot (Resource Pool or Ancients Blessing (after 30)). They will stay there for 2 hours (24 hours if you pay to be a VIP), gaining xp or resources every minute. You can leave these posts at any time when you want to continue playing.

    §1.3 Dungeons
    After finishing the tutorial, it's a bit hard to decide what to do. Generally doing quests and continuing building your castle is a good idea. Once you have done the quests you can easily do, and have 3 or 4 heroes under your command, it is time to try your first dungeon. You need to be level 10 to enter Cimmerian Dungeon and you will need to do the normal level first. If this is still too hard, fight some more enemies on the map to gain levels and strength for your heroes. Also, do not forget to use the equipment you will find by equipping it to your active heroes! You can always "save and exit" a dungeon to come back and finish the dungeon later, if you use the "quit" button you will not be able to go back into that same dungeon, you will need a key to open a new one.

    If you managed to fight your way through the normal level of the Cimmerian Dungeon, and kill the End Boss: Taragar the Vengeful, you may get a nice drop from him to help you along. If you feel ready, try the nightmare level of this Dungeon. When you get close to level 30 and have 6 heroes under your command, you should be able to handle the Hell level of the dungeon. Hell levels of each dungeon have much better xp, resources and drops then normal and nightmare levels, which are mostly there to do just once.
    Remember this rule: If you can not do, for example, 30 Hell yet, do not stick around in 30 nightmare or normal, go back to 20 Hell instead for more xp, resources and better drops!!!

    Do not be too afraid of having a hero die during battle. You will never loose the hero, his gear or his experience. The only thing that you will loose is part of the units the hero was commanding. At first it will be most of them, but as you grow bigger, the % that gets healed after battle will increase (if you research the technology for this). You yourself can not die either. If your whole team of heroes dies in a battle, you will loose that battle, troops but nothing more. If it was in a dungeon (or later in Abyss), you will need a resurrection book to be able to continue that dungeon. If you die in a battle against world map creatures, you can just regroup and try again. In the arena you will never loose any troops at all, same for some other features you will see later, others have decreased mortality, where only 5% of killed troops actually die.

    For more information on dungeons, see here
    For more information on battles: formations, troops and heroes:

    §1.4 Building your castle
    Besides doing battles, also continue building your castle. The castles for the 3 races look different and some buildings have different names, but all three contain the same ten buildings with the same functions. The most important buildings are the one where you recruit troops/units and unlock new types of troops (Barracks/Hunters Hall/Graveyard) and the one where you research technology and magic (Tower of Truth/Wisdom Spring/Doom Tower), try to level these first. To get them higher, you will need more resources, so upgrading your four resource buildings is also a good idea. Some buildings are needed in order to upgrade the two buildings I just mentioned, build them when needed. Also the building that increases your population limit (Dwellings/Log Cabin/????) will become important soon and your resource storage will need to be upgraded at some point. Do not bother upgrading the castle wall, it has no real function (it says it does, but the description is wrong)

    In your research building you can research one technology or magic while you are building, so keep an eye on what is available there. The first technology on the left is a good one to start with, since it will increase the number of heroes you can command. Also the second helps a lot, it gives each of your heroes 15 extra troops under his/her command. The third technology will reduce the losses you will have in battle, which will reduce the amount of resources you need to spent to recruit new ones. The others technologies are a little less helpful, but don't ignore them.
    Of the four available Magic's (second tab in the building) to research, attack and vitality are the most important ones, do those first, then agility and defense.

    Human Castle with all but the Palace upgrade to the current maximum level

    §1.5 Resources and Plundering
    You will soon run out of resources while building and battling. There are several ways to get more: harvest your resource buildings, find them in dungeons, use resource cards or plunder other players.

    Plundering is part of the game, although many players do not like it and will not use it (on active players). If you can find a (inactive) players castle that still has resources in it, it can be a great way to speed things up though. Use the World Map button at the upper right corner of the screen to take you to the world map. Then fly over the world map to see other castles, and try and find ones that are of the right level for you to be able to plunder them (up to 10 levels lower or higher then you). But be careful: if you plunder someone, they will get a report of the battle that includes your castle's coordinates, so they may decide to come get their stuff back and maybe bring some friends to take revenge!
    If you find yourself being plundered a lot, read this plunder defense tutorial:

    You will start this game with a newbie protection, which stops others from being able to plunder you, but this protection will disapear when you reach level 20 ?? or after some days, whichever comes first.

    Try to find a good balance between what you spent and what you earn. Or just wait till you have the resources you need to built/research what you want. Sometimes it's better to just spend your resources on something that is less important (so that they won't get stolen while you sleep). You can also use the market to exchange one kind or resource for another (exchange rate 2:1).

    Here is a guide to get to level 20. It's a bit old and shows some minor details that are different now (names of buildings, dungeon map), but it has some useful pictures in it. Do not use the last tip however, putting up a defense formation when you go offline is a very bad idea. It is usually higher level players that will plunder you and you will not stand a chance of beating them. So then you will loose resources AND troops.

    §1.6 Alliances
    That short walkthrough is definitely right about joining an alliance. You can join an alliance at level 10, or create one at level 15. I strongly suggest joining one with a bunch of active members, that way you can help each other out, to all get stronger faster. Having some experienced players in your alliance helps loads, they can teach you a lot in alliance chat. Try and find an alliance that suits your playing style. Some alliances have mostly aggressive players who want to beat everyone, others are more layed back and friendly. Also finding one with players that play at the same time as you do is important (this is a world wide game with a 24 hour gameplay!). Ask around a bit, or just join one, you can always leave it later (although then you will go into 24 hour cooldown in which you can not join a new alli yet, also, all your alliance reputation points will be reset, so don't forget to use them before leaving).

    Read more about alliances in

    For the second half of this Chapter see next post.
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    Complete Guide to CoG Chapter 1, part 2

    §1.7 Arena
    Once you turn 20 you will get access to the arena. To use this, you will first need to save a hero formation ("current deploy") with troops, using the bottom part of the screen. That saved formation ("arena deploy") will be your arena setup until you save a new one. The arena will use your heroes and troops, but no troops will ever die there, its just a copy of your last saved deploy you will see in battle, not your current heroes or troops.
    There are actually 3 separate areas in the arena:
    • The first, "Challenge" is the most important. USE IT EVERY DAY!. You will never loose any troops and you will always win honor points! Also, do not forget to click the reward button in this section at least once a week for your weekly rewards (refreshes on Monday at 0:00 server time) Doing your 20 free battles every day will give you honor points, even if you loose all fights. Fighting higher level players on purpose and loosing will probably even get you more points then defeating a low level player. Check the System Tab in your chat window if you want to see how much honor you get for each fight. The arena ranking will be reset every 30 minutes. If you win fights you will probably go up and may find harder opponents in your list the next time you check. If you have 100 points or more, loosing battles will push you down the list, where you may find easier opponents.
    • The middle one, "Arena", costs gold to use and usually you will not win that gold back, so stay away from that for now at least.
    • The bottom one, "Champions", lists last weeks top 32 arena fighters in a tournament setup. Even if you are not in the tournament, this is still a part of the game you should visit at least once a week (refreshes on Sunday at 0:00) to bet silver. Betting is risky of course, but most servers will have 1 player who will win almost every week, so if you check out who that is, it's pretty safe to bet on the winner. If you want to take more risk, you can also bet on the top 4 of that week. The rewards button in this section doesn't work, any rewards you will win, will be sent to your ingame mailbox automatically.

    §1.8 Inventory
    As you come closer to level 30, you will probably start getting a pretty full inventory. Inventory management is an important aspect of this game, especially if you do not have the luxury to pay for an expansion. You will get 90 free slots and 12 extra in the safe (access the safe by using the 2nd button at the bottom of the main inventory screen, set a password first, then you can use it, click on items to move them from main inventory to safe or back) and these will be filled with all sorts of stuff pretty fast. For more tips on inventory management, see here

    §1.9 Skills
    At some point you will get a quest to teach a hero a skill. Besides not using one of the expensive books named in the link in the previous paragraph, just pick any book and teach it to any hero at this point. For pictures on how to teach a skill, check out the 2nd post in this thread:
    Read the links in the hero section (§1.2) for more information on hero skills.
    Once you start getting red and pink heroes, teach them skills that fit their speciality only (an attack hero can learn a defense skill, but only up to level II, while he can learn attack skills up to level VI).

    §1.10 Gold
    If you decided you like this game enough to spend some real money to buy gold, there are a few things to consider.

    There are many events in this game where you get rewards for buying gold. The best one is usually at the end of the month, when there is 1 day when you get 100% free gold extra (so double gold for your dollars) Halfway through the month they usually have 20% or 50% extra gold. Other events give other rewards for buying gold, but if you can, wait untill the end of the month for the double gold event!

    If you can afford to, buying 30 day VIP For 100g is a good way to make your game easier. This VIP status has some very handy features: 100 extra energy, auto refill on lost troops after each battle, no silver fee for auction house, customized portrait picture, discount in shops, 24 hour offline training.
    It is now possible to buy a red hero for 300g, or 60 day vip and a red hero card for 500g . Getting one (or more) red heroes early in the game will be a huge benefit (unless you can get pink ones obviously.... but they come from the advanced wheel and events only, so they require luck), since they are way more powerful then the blue and purple heroes most players start with and you wont have to replace this red hero for a long time, so it will speed you up a lot.

    Probably the best thing to spent gold on is more inventory space. This extra space will be permanent and the higher you get, the more you will need it!
    Buying skill slots on purple heroes is not a great investment, since they will be replaced pretty soon. Also gem slots on orange gear is only for the rich players.

    You will probably be tempted to spend your gold on the Wheel of Fortune. There are very useful items on the normal and advanced wheel. But the chance of getting what you want are not very good, so be prepared to spent a lot to get what you want or stay away from this.

    Making gold is actually impossible until you turn 30, but once you are 30, it can be done by selling items to other players. As said in the inventory paragraph, some skill books may fetch a good price, especially if you play on an older server with lots of high level players. Skill books I are hard to get for them and some may be willing to pay 5 or more gold for some. Bronze chests I can sell for this same reason, since they can contain skill book I. So take good care of your books! You can only sell unbound items in the auction house.

    §1.11 Facebook
    If you link your account to a facebook account (doesn't have to be your main one), you can earn some valuable bonuses. An explanation on how to link your Call of Gods account to a facebook account can be found here:
    Once you have the link, you can start claiming the once a day facebook reward (which is usually useless) by clicking the facebook symbol on your portrait picture in the main screen. Also, you can start sharing things you accomplish on your facebook page. This sharing or "collecting" as it is called when you press the Goals button, will give some very nice rewards, including book of astrology, orange heroes and a red hero! In the link I just posted you can see how to share, only the button has changed a bit since then and is a lot smaller now, showing just the "f" facebook symbol.

    You can share 15 times a day and there is a 3 minute cooldown between 2 shares. Sharing does not work for everyone, there are several known bugs with this (many players have shares that do not seem to count, so share as often as you can each day), but if it does work, it will give you a red hero after 66 days if you do your 15 shares a day, and some orange heroes and other nice stuff along the way!

    §1.12 Normal mobs and Team Bosses
    In all the locations on the world map, you will find mobs and bosses to fight. You may have to do so for a quest or you may want to battle a team boss to gain experience. When you click a location with enemies, you will get a screen showing you which enemies are there. They will have the enemies name, with below that a picture and below that there will be either 1 set of crossed swords, for normal mobs (might be mini boss) or 3 sets of crossed swords for team bosses. A team boss can be done solo or together with up to 8 other players.

    If you click a normal mob, battle win begin instantly. If you click a team boss, you will get this screen:

    This is where you create a team or join an existing one, after that you will get to this screen:

    Once you created a team, you will be team leader for that team. You will be able to move players around in the 9 squares or kick them from your team or even completely dissolve the team (by using the leave button). You can invite people to join your team, by pressing the invite buttons in the team making screan. But players may be in a dungeon or away from the keyboard and not see your invite. So its usually better to ask people in chat if they want to help you or join your team. If they do, they will usually replay by saying "inv", meaning they ask you to invite them. To do this, either find them in the list in the team making screen, or just click their name in the chat window, then select the invite option. It may take them a while to walk to your location.

    If you join someone else's team, you will not be able to move yourself to another square in the battle order, but you can of course ask the team leader to put you in a safer spot or up front if you want. You can see who the team leader is by the red flag on his avatar.

    During the group formation, you can use the recruit, assign and inventory buttons to make last minute changes if you want. When you are done, click the READY button, so the team leader can see you are ready to battle. A team can only start the team battle if all players have pressed this ready button. If you ask someone to help you with a team boss, try to get it done as quick as you can, some players can get impatient if you forget to press the ready button or to start the battle, since they have a lot of other things to do.

    Once the battle begins, there will be 3 rows of enemies, A, B and C. The boss in normal team battles will always be in lane B (event team bosses usually have a boss in each lane). The players in squares 1, 4 and 7 will each face a lane at the same time. If a player gets killed, the player who is to his right in the team creation screen will take over that lane. If all players get killed, the team looses the battle. Just one needs to survive and kill all enemies for the whole team to win.

    §1:13 Newly Added Features
    Since this Chapter was written, new features have been added to the game. They are showing on your screen, even though you cant use them yet for a while, but this is what they do:

    Team Dungeon
    The icon is available at the top of the screen at level 1, but the lowest team dungeon is level 100 and quite hard if you are that level. I am not sure you can enter it at level 1, have to check this.
    Read more about this feature at:
    After that post, a level 100 team dungeon was added which is open at the same times.

    The icon has been added to the icon bar at the bottom of the main screen. It can be used at level 1, but there is no point really, since the cards you can get will not be usefull untill you are level 60 and can use the class button.
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