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Thread: [Event] Share Your Wisdom : Levelling new heroes to 80 in just 3 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by cog_27543 View Post
    can u pls not bump up verry old threads?
    just reading it now and just wanted to thanks and for new players its usefull to he maked this and its not good if its just trhowed away to..

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    You can do it in a few minutes without spending any gold: go to the highest dungeon you can enter (preferably sky), put just the new hero in the team and coupon your way past all the mobs while on a triple xp card during double xp time.

    Huge downside: he might be 110 in 5 minutes which will dramatically increase the amount of silver needed to cult the hero.

    Solution: do your normal dungeon, no xp card, put the new hero in the defense team alone with some t2 on him. Have your normal team clear out the ? and boss tiles, swich to defense team for mobs and get your new hero to level 30 in a few seconds. Then cult him with his 2 main stats to max. Then go back to your dungeon and get him up to 35, max cult again, then to 40 cult again etc. The culting is a pain, but it saves so much silver doing it this way (doing it every level is even cheaper, but also more annoying). You will have a lvl 80 hero with max cult in an hour or two this way.

    Unless you are level 50 to 100, then this wont work of course Then just put him in the team and give him as many units as possible (use gems, set bonusses, take of medals and stuff from other heroes so they have less units) and drag him through some dungeons. Save your coupons for later!

    PS welcome back Tyson/sniperman!
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