Game Rules

The following rules will be valid for all Servers listed at: Call of Gods

It should be noted that complaints and inquires concerning a particular account will only be discussed with the account owner, for privacy reasons.

Any account which involves violation of rules from the articles below is subject to being blocked from our servers.

Account Use
• Each player is allowed to use only one account in each server.
• The e-mail address used for the registration of an account must be under the personal and exclusive control of the person who registered the account.
• There is no compensation if someone logs onto your account and causes loss, no matter how they got your password. So players should keep their accounts safe! This brings us to the next point.
• COG Team members and staff will NEVER ask for your password. If anyone who claims to be the one of the staff in our company ever asks for your personal account information, please do not give them your password but report them immediately.
• Exchanging accounts commercially is not allowed. This includes buying or selling accounts for money or with in-game currency. We will monitor such transaction and block those accounts that participate in unfair commercial account trading.

It is strictly prohibited to abuse a bug intentionally for profit or to benefit yourselves. It is the same with concealing a bug in private.

• Using a third-party program as an interface between the player and the game is prohibited. Any other scripts of automatically generating information for a player or to give them any type of military or economic advantages are forbidden as well.

This includes but is not limited to:
• Bots
• Macros
• Automated databases.

Abuse of the rules and their applications
• Any attempt to lie or mislead the staff member for an unfair, favorable ruling or to profit unfairly from a staff member's decision is not allowed.

This includes but is not limited to:
• Reporting messages that do not violate the rules or talking over how to break the rules.
• Pass off as or claiming to work with the company, no matter your intentions.
• Distributing false, negative remarks on a staff member or the game in general.

Real Life Threats
It is strictly prohibited to voice the intention to find or hurt another person (including any other player, team member, or COG customer service representatives) within the game, forum, or the official chat system.

• Any action that can possibly obstruct a player's view of a normal chat flow and gaming experience.

This also includes:
• Repeated in-game messages or forged system mails.
• Advertisements for other games or content.

• Cog endeavors to create a gaming environment where people of different views can get along with each other harmoniously without fear of hostility, offense or lecture. However, some topics are prone to conflicts and heated emotional responses as well as unnecessarily hostile or offensive remarks. In light of this, discussion in-game and on the forums should avoid highly controversial topics. The official site has the right to censor or punish those contents which fail to meet the criteria on a temporary or permanent basis; the complaints on these topics will not be processed and always the game team will have the final say.
• DO NOT use any prohibited topics, words, signatures, avatars listed below:
* Politics
* Religion
* Sex and sexuality

Non-official Game Client
Players are obliged to connect to the game using only the authorized, unmodified Game Client. Using any non-official, unauthorized, or third-party Game Client, programs or scripts as an accessory or intermediary between the players and COG is forbidden. That includes but is not limited to automatic information generating mechanisms or things which lead to advantages or disadvantages to any group of players for malevolent purposes.

Please always observe the Game Rules. Enjoy yourselves in COG and we have our earnest gratitude to your support!

Account Rules

It is legal to play a single Account From Multiple Locations
Playing COG from several different locations on the same account is allowed if the player is the only person with access to the account. .

It is legal to delegate a single person to watch your account
Someone will be unable to play the game for some amount of time, and so they will leave their account to another person to watch their account while they are unavailable. They are called the account sitters. If someone wants to delegate an account sitter, they must let a customer service representatives know that. Although account sitting is legal, players should be very cautious with the one who they give their information to. Because if that person steals or vandalizes your account, they may be punished, but you will not have everything that was lost restored either. Account security is your own responsibility.

It is ILLEGAL to share accounts among multiple players
Some players may all have each other's login information such as the passwords so that they can help each other defend, reinforce, farm and attack when the account holder is not online. However, this behavior is not allowed. There will be either any compensation for loss caused by that.

It is ILLEGAL for Multi-Accounting
It is prohibited for anyone to use multiple accounts on the same server no matter what his/her intention is.