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Thread: [New Feature] Unit Promotion

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    [New Feature] Unit Promotion

    Are you still worrying about the hard bosses? Are you frustrated that you cannot defeat the opponents in Arena? Here is good news. COG team has brought a new feature to the game, Unit Promotion, which can greatly increase the strength of your troops.

    Required Level: 130+


    1. There are 5 classes of units: Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, Spellcaster and Flying Unit.
    2. A class of unit can be promoted to lv.9 at most. In each level, there are 5 unit skills for Attack, Defense, Vitality, Agility, and Hit. By upgrading a skill, you can increase the corresponding attribute of a class. The max level of each skill is 10. You can upgrade unit skills with Unit Upgrade Stones.
    3. Every time you level up a unit skill, you'll gain a star. After you collect enough stars, you can unlock the next level of a class with Promotion Stones. (stars will not be used during the promotion)
    4. Unit level will be showed beside the health bar of a unit during a combat.

    How to get Unit Upgrade Stones and Promotion Stones?
    1.Dungeons ≧ Lv.130 and every 10th floor of Heavens Tower may drop Unit Upgrade Stone I.
    2.Dungeons ≧ Lv.130 and every 10th floor of Heavens Tower past Floor 20 (30, 40, 50…,100) may drop Unit Upgrade Stone II.
    3. You can buy Unit Upgrade Stone III and Promotion Stone in Shop.

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    WTF, are you kidding!?!

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    I will wait with patience 3-4 weeks

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    Level 130 Dungeons....Normal, Nightmare or Hell only??

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    It's a good thing you didn't put the minimum level to participate down to lvl 100 or even 120, because including more than 5% of the server population would be bad.

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    not in sky?

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    how do u even use them???

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    behind you
    crap only for 130+

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    LEO, does sky dungs drop those upgrade stones ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phr View Post
    LEO, does sky dungs drop those upgrade stones ?
    Hi, yes, it will drop in the sky dungeon. Thanks for your attention.


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