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Thread: Agility hero idea

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    Agility hero idea

    I want some ideas of how to set up an agility hero can you all post some pics of your best agility hero's????

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    for arena if it can hit faster and kills the opponents tank in the same time as there attack hero, will be way better because then you have first shot on killing there occulist
    as diderot said both, unless you are planning on using on the front lines, then take into acc . . .. .
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    This post contains some nice idea's about agi heroes:
    they are all set up as attackers. You could choose to use your agi hero as a front row attack or as a defender. The last is not really a good idea, but if you are short on def and balanced heroes, sometimes its necessary. The extra agility the hero has will help a bit in dodging attacks, but if he gets hit, he wont last long. I like them best as (front line) attackers.

    edit: oh sorry, old thread... tx sunny unicorn...
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