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Thread: Maintenance Notice (September 4th)

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    Maintenance Notice (September 4th)

    Dear players,

    The server s1 M3-M10 S21-s39 are going to be performing a maintenance update on Thursday September 4th, 20:00-20:30PDT (server time). The devs have been working hard on bringing in major updates for servers and fixing existing bugs. You won't be able to log on or play the game during this time, but AFK training, resource production, etc, will continue as normal throughout the update. (And this time the update will be so large. If we need more time, we will tell players.

    1. Add a new lv.150 alliance boss Paarthurnax.

    2. Add lv.140 and lv.150 instances to Pet Island.

    3. [Promotion] Great Wheel Feedback

    4. [Event] Daily Lucky Shard

    5. [Event] Simple Task, Nice Rewards

    6. [Promotion] Butter Both Sides

    7. [Event] Enhancement Stone Feedback

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    you spelled score event wrong

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    where the *** is score event

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    A lvl 140 alliance boss would have been nice...

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    Give us score!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by cog_1094908 View Post
    you spelled score event wrong
    man what i would give for a score event

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    Haha the level 150 Alliance Boss gives 4 x ES1 and 3 x DK2. WHAT RICHES!
    U do not adevice me anything perhaps u coud end wit it. iam end pllease do not reply to this tread anymore. I the Dragon.

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    who the hell cares about a 140 and 150 pet instance. I have done so many 130 pet instances and got the same or even less than people that run 60 pet instance on that day. Unless you make it worth while to run 140 and 150 it really doesnt matter.

    If you increase the drop rate of good stuff as level increases then it makes sense, otherwise you are just adding nonsense, which is basically what you do 95% of the updates. Im getting so sick of these BS updates.

    Enhance feedback isn't bad tho

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    Need 140 alliance boss • )

    Cyclops face

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    Nico, please stop doing maintenance posts. You mess it up every single time. At least Leo only messes up 75% of the time.
    Power without perception is virtually useless and therefore of no true value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan.Williams View Post
    Nico, please stop doing maintenance posts. You mess it up every single time. At least Leo only messes up 75% of the time.
    lmfao he doesnt even get it right atleast he says he sorry though

    Galaxie.s15 M8 43

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