1. Changing rewards of CSC.
We are thinking about changing rewards of CSC. Please wait with patience.

2. Adding some new rewards to Facebook sharing.
This should can be done. But we need some time to make the reward list. Thank you.

3. Releasing score event.
This event will release after a certain time and we will also update the rewards of score shop. Please just wait and see.

4. Addning refine stones to silver chest IV, silver chest V, gold chest IV and gold chest V.
We will make the resolution according to our database.

5. Changing rewards of Zombie Attack.
We need time to make the lists of rewards. Thanks.

6. Adding pets' skills.
It is under developping.

7. Increasing players' energy.
Energy will be adjusted recently. Please pay attention to our forum news.

8. TSC II can be dropped from above Sky city III.
We will make the conclusion after a certain time.