Dear players,

The server s1 M3-M10 S21-s35 are going to be performing a maintenance update on Thursday March 27th, 20:00-20:30PDT (server time). The devs have been working hard on bringing in major updates for servers and fixing existing bugs. You won't be able to log on or play the game during this time, but AFK training, resource production, etc, will continue as normal throughout the update. (And this time the update will be so large. If we need more time, we will tell players.

1. [Event] Same Boss, Double Silver
Event Duration: From 0:00 April 1st till 0:00 April 3rd (2 day)
There are 4 World Boss battles during the event. Some of them will give players double silver.

2. [Event] Same Tree, Double Silver
Event Duration: From this maintenance till 0:00 April 4th
Starting from the third time you shake a golden tree, you’ll gain double silver.

3. [Promotion] Limited Time April Fool’s Day Item
Event Duration: From 0:00 April 1st to 0:00 April 3rd
Fool's Day Prank: A pack of various useful items.(Caution: You may get nothing if you're very very unlucky.)
Each player is limted to three.

4. 3 new Alliance Boss have come. They can be summoned by Nightmare Crystal II. You can get Nightmare Crystal II from Flip Flop.200 Point Prize may have a Nightmare Crystal II and 500 Point Prize must have one.

5. Restore the prize of region "The Burning Barrens" in Alliance War. Change the prize of region "Chasm of Despair" to The Burning Barrens Pack.