1. Players can choose the T4 units that they like.
We are considering about this system.

2. Adding some new privilege into VIP.
We will develop this system after a certain time.

3. Adding equips of dawn into score shop.
We will adjust items in score shop in a certain time.

4. Adding lv 135-140 equips.
After a certain time, we will add them.

5. Enhance level of badges transfer.
It will be back in the future.

6. Increasing res cap.
This will be released in the future.

7. More ways to get coupons.
Lets wait for the related event.

8. 5th and 6th slots of equips can be more cheaper.
Related events will come after a certain time.

9. Increasing difficulty of zombie attack and adding more powerful rewards.
Under progress. It wont be a long time until it comes.

10. Adding energy.
We will add energy after a certain time.

11. Adjusting rewards of wheel.
We will do this thing in a certain time.

12. Better rewards of bounty quests and more difficulty of it.
This is in the plan.

13. More types of chaos cards in score shop.
We will consider to add some more types of chaos cards in a certain time.

14. Copper exp soul pack.
It will be considered in the future.

15. Transfering level of pets.
This is in the plan.

16. Equips which are suit for heroes' level can be lightened in players' inventories.
This can be adjusted. But we need some time to do this.

17. Second and third reincarnation cost less gold.
Lets hope for some related events.

18. Updating free wheel and normal one.
We will do the adjustment.

19. Releasing event of pets. Droping headless horseman, lantern, hellhound, Santa and snowman.
Lets wait and see the related events after a certain time.

20. Droping 4 new pet souls and red pets. Opening lv140 pet island and unbounding some pet cards.
Please give us more time to do these things.

21. Removing equips which are exchanged by turkey meat.
They will be removed in a certain time.

Those above suggestions which we may optimize or develop recently, but the other suggestions and opinions that players provided, we are afraid that they won't be accepted recently. We sincerely appreciate our players are able to provide us with your valuable suggestions. Thank you very much for your suggestion and your unswerving support on COG.

COG Team