1. Adding new defence equips in abyss layer 5.
We will consider this adjustment late.

2. Players can save formations whatever they want.
We will try to find a way to make this feature.

3. New skills for balance heroes and lv 6 skills for other heroes.
We will increase level of skills of other heroes and add new skills for balance heroes in the future.

4. New golden chest will be released soon.

5. Merging s16.
This will be done next week.

6. Increasing population.
It will be released this week.

7. Arena and skills for pet.
Please give us some time to make these out.

8. Adding goals for gold tree.
It will be released after a certain time.

Those above suggestions which we may optimize or develop recently, but the other suggestions and opinions that players provided, we are afraid that they won't be accepted recently. We sincerely appreciate our players are able to provide us with your valuable suggestions. Thank you very much for your suggestion and your unswerving support on COG.

COG Team