Dear players,

Here is the suggestion feedback from Dec 11th to Dec 25th:

1.Optimization of increase population limited:

We will add it recently, please pay attention to forum news.

2. Reduce silver of cultivation:

We are developing this feature now.

3. Enhancement of red gem:

About this feature, we will consider developing it in the future.

4. Optimization of alliance city rewards:

We will adjust it recently, please pay attention to forum news.

5. Reduce prince of
Astral Essence

We will seriously consider it in the future.

Those above suggestions which we may optimize or develop recently, but the other suggestions and opinions that players provided, we are afraid that they won't be accepted recently. We sincerely appreciate our players are able to provide us with your valuable suggestions. Thank you very much for your suggestion and your unswerving support on COG.

COG Team