Dear players,

Here is the suggestion feedback from Nov 12th to Nov 26th:

1.Transmutation Of Enhance Stone

We will make a feature which players can use enhance stone I to transmute enhance stone II recently, please pay attention to forum news.

2.Add the level of Wings

We will add some new playing methods of wings in the future, we think it will enrich the wings feature.

3.Add the feature of silver tree

This feature will be added in the future, it is still in the developing list, it also will take some time to complete it, we hope our players could take more patience for it.

4.Optimization of increase inventory space limited

This optimization will be come true recently, we will increase the space limited of inventory.

5.Open Layer 6 of Purgatory Abyss or more

Layer 6 ofpurgatory abyss will come true soon. Please pay attention to forum news.

6.Open Dungeon of Lv130 or Lv140

Some players still didn't farm Lv120 dungeon, so dungeon of Lv130 or Lv140 is in the developing process as well, it will be available in the future.

7. Make relevant pet event

It is in the plan, we considered making relevant event some time ago, so it will be available in the future.

8.Increase the special effect of gem

We will consider developing this feature, but it will take a certain time. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Those above suggestions which we may optimize or develop recently, but the other suggestions and opinions that players provided, we are afraid that they won't be accepted recently. We sincerely appreciate our players are able to provide us with your valuable suggestions. Thank you very much for your suggestion and your unswerving support on COG.

COG Team