1. Adding lucky stone to increase success rate of taming.
It will be adjusted at recent time. Please pay attention to forum news.

2. Lv1 enhance stone can make up for lv2 and lv3 stones.
We are considering about this feature. Maybe it will be released in the future.

3. Badges can be made by advanced trans.
It will be added in the near future.

4. S21 and S24 have CSC.
It will be coming soon.

5. Increasing the success rate of hero cultivation or decreasing the silver cost.
There will be some related events about this case.

6. Silvers can be gotten from pets island.
Players can get silvers by other ways in coming days.

7. Canceling some pride equips scroll from abyss 5th layer.
They will be gone recently.

8. Removing purple gems from sky city.
They will be adjusted recently.

9. Releasing some events about badges which are all overpass lv90
They will be open in the future.

Besides, if everything is ok, s4 and s14 will be merged as well as s15 and s16 next week.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, those suggests above that we may optimize recently, and the others suggestion and opinions that players provided, we are sorry that they won't be implemented recently, we still sincerely appreciate and thank you very much.