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Thread: [Event] New Team Boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason.Russell View Post
    hello leo/devs could you please extend the new team boss event another week, I have rather enjoyed this new way of not having to farm all day long but rewards are a bit pricey and another week would great, please and thank you
    I will try telling the relate staff about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    I will try telling the relate staff about it.
    Thanks Leo. Hope they do extend this event. And btw, the devs are doing a great job. You can't please everybody but I see a lot of players still enjoy playing this game. Still looking forward to more new stuffs coming, like new pets. Keep it up.

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    Well a little bit more honesty will be welcome.
    Tell people that they have a little chance to get the Bacon, so people are not frustrated after 150 fights that they only have 2 pieces.
    And more information gives less complaines.


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    Why you don't keep the exchange open for 1 more day like other event. Lots of people don't always get time to exchange what they want, could you please bring back the exchange cor 1 day.


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    As per Steve's comment above, you have always allowed the extra day to transform mats (the box quest box is still there for final rewards). Sure there are lots and lots just sitting on their materials now. Be fair and bring back for a day to exchange.



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    hello Leo,
    im afraid i have to agree with Steve and Andy as i too have spent many an hour trying to get some drops from this dragon quest yet my PC crashed as i tried to turn in materials and couldnt get what i worked hard for.Putting up the exchange shop for last weeks quest would be a big plus to longtime members such as we three people and im sure many more that didnt get a chance to turn in their hard earned drops.Please show some compassion and put up the exchange shop for at least 1 day.
    Your thoughtfulness in this area would be greatly appreciated.
    Sic s 17

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    We always have the day after event to settle up our inventory and collect from last event....... So why is this one different???

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    Hi Leo and Nico,
    No update or news following our request ?



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