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Thread: [Event] Dragon Slayer

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    my dragon clock has run out but i can still add to it
    i never know that a use could be found for a 12 year old smackhead and his crack smoking deaf dumb and blind pet monkey
    but hay seems i was wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtDragon View Post
    i take it that folks have 10s of thousands coupons to spend later in game as i been at it for a year now and cant even get enought to u se in one day
    not so you'd notice lol. You can build up a stack of a few thousand after all the castle building is finished but I doubt many have 10s of thousands

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    By the time we get it all figured out, the event will be over.

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    This is So ****** cog really i hate you now very much what the f you were thinking ? this whole thing is all about gold and only gold and spending if you summon one and you have enough coups and silver you actually have limited attacks 10 attk with silver and 10 with coups >>>>DAILY<<<< am dumb to not read and now am stuck with a dragon with 10% hp left and can not attack anymore , go to hell cog am not doing this anymore

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    even if u can kill the dragon, it drop frag to u. ( random drop out of the 4 types of frag I think)
    There are 4 types of frag, and u need 1 of each type to make a map .
    U need 3, 5 or 10 map to buy those items or new hero.
    Incase 1 of those frags are too rare from the drop table( cog always do this), this make more hard to collect enough map.
    Good luck.

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    i had enough so far been so patient with this game almost 2 years now ,and even when all players left the server i kept on
    but this is shiit this game turning to an ugly not enjoyable expereince this is it fvuck you COG you dont know how to run a game am out and i advice everyone else to stop wasting time and money on this ****tyy game

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    I have almost 10000 coupons but what is the advantage of using them now, i can only get 1 dragon a day without spending gold.

    So better keep them for another purpose.


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    If you have a ton of coupons you can kill a green dragon.. otherwise be prepared to spend big time gold.
    Each hit does 5% damage on a green dragon, if you are lucky to get a crit it is double damage.. I think killing just one green dragon cost me 100k silver and 300 coupons. Oh i got a Meteor Iron IV and a Frag x1 for my very costly investment..
    The other dragons are 3% [wind], 2.5% [fire] and 1.66% per hit.
    Killing an Ice could cost you up to 100k silver, 500 coupons and 800 gold (if no crits). That is a huge investment for a frag and a meteor iron.

    200-800 gold for 1 frag and you need at least 40 of them (likely 50-60)
    Realistically, the AVERAGE gold hero could cost you 20k gold but up to 48k gold (extremely unlucky, if all ice dragons and not many crits).
    Keep in mind also that after you free ones you will need 50g wheel spins for extra summon cards.

    Here is my suggestion, If you draw an ice dragon.. Turn your computer off for the day, ring a friend/buddy..Go to the movies, you buy the tickets, popcorn and soda. You will still save money and have a better time.
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    This event is just insulting to the player base.


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