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  1. its not an event.... wow your slow.
  2. why wont you guys unbound t3 cards??
  3. you a lyin sack of sht.
  4. ignore me cuz you know im right.. quit being a fat lazy piece of sht
  5. no dont consider it. DO IT ALREADY.. and not no event.. more then 6 dungeons on a daily basis.. god you dont know how to read for shii
  6. keep ignoring your players leo and see how many stick around.... or how many will feed your pockets
  7. what i thought..
  8. you will consider? lololol how about you listen to your players instead of being greedy and ruining the game? and dont reply if you have something ****** to say
  9. We will consider do this kind of event in the future. Thank you for your attention.
  10. leoooooo increase the amount of dungeons we can do a day oh wait tell that to your dev team..
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