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  1. We have fixed it. Thank you for your report.
  2. sorry for speelingbad keyboard
    Tchoupi is in a constant stae of peace he plunders but cannot be plundered back.
    we are in server 14
  3. Please tell us his correct name. We cant find tchoup on S14
  4. tchoupi seems o be in a onstant stae of peace that or e get hit alot s14 thanks
  5. i am stuck in peace mode and have been for the last 4 days
    yedor s14
  6. Hi i havean alliance memberwho accidently quit and want back in can the 24 hrs be waived in this situatin it was an honest mistake. please respond A.S.A.P. thank you
  7. Hi, could you please tell us you character name and server number? Thanks!
  8. new problem we have been experiencing screen freezing and choppy sound
  9. hi i have a problem you may be able to help me with when i am in alliance chat i can see what everyone is saying i can type my chat but when i hit enter nothing happens how do i fix this
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