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  1. COG Forum Rules
  2. COG is coming soon
  3. Maintenance Notice (Sep 28th)
  4. Call of Gods, Call for You!
  5. [Event] Arena Fighter
  6. free wheeling bug
  7. [Event] Arena Fighter is over!
  8. COG S2 is coming now.
  9. Maintenance Notice (Oct 12th)
  10. illegal golds deduction, pay attention.
  11. Maintenance Notice (Oct 19th)
  12. Europe & kongregate
  13. Ready bug
  14. [Event] Halloween is coming!
  15. System: Alliance wars 6 hours later?
  16. Maintenance Notice (Oct 26th)
  17. Maintenance Notice(Nov.2rd)
  18. Call of Gods official Facebook Page
  19. bounty quests
  20. Red Hero Card- Libra will be out of show
  21. New red hero comes to us!
  22. Call of Gods on Chrome Web Store
  23. new events
  24. [Event]Official COG Facebook Page, Like and Win! (Updating...)
  25. Winners for Collect Orange Pumpkin Helmets
  26. [Event] Thanksgiving Day
  27. Title: Maintenance Notice (Nov 22rd)
  28. [Event] Hurry up! Show Awesome Heroes and Get Rewards (Updating...)
  29. Maintenance Notice (Dec 1st)
  30. hacking
  31. Maintenance Notice (Dec 7th)
  32. [Event] Barrier to Perfection
  33. [Event] Rate and Win Update
  34. is the game down?
  35. A Thread for the Developers: What the Players want out of Call of Gods
  36. Title: Maintenance Notice (Dec 14th)
  37. COG Xmas Boom
  38. HUGE Problem with new Update
  39. [Event] Connect with Facebook, get rewards.
  40. [Maintenance] An Important Notice about the Latest Maintenance
  41. Maintenance Notice (Dec 21st)
  42. [Event] Xmas Feedback
  43. COG S3 is coming!
  44. [End] King of Players (Only for S3) Upgrade
  45. [END]Legion Champion (Only for S3) Upgrade
  46. [Event] Xmas Event (December 22nd -28th)
  47. i can't load my player info????
  48. HELP the system ripped me off
  49. Maintenance Notice (Dec 28th)
  50. Adjust In Dungeons
  51. This is robbery
  52. is there a newbie gift pack for this site of cog? :)
  53. ummmmm
  54. Maintenance Notice (January 10th)
  55. New Alliance System
  56. [Event] More Purchase, More Benefits
  57. [End] Vote for Your Alliance (Upgrade)
  58. Shinigami Call of Gods (s1)
  59. BravePinoy Call of Gods (s2)
  60. [LastOrder] Call of Gods (S1)
  61. [DeathBringer] Call of Gods (s1)
  62. S2 Eve MoragTong
  63. [DeathBringer] Call of Gods (s2)
  64. [Wolves] Call of Gods (S1)
  65. [Archon] Call of Gods S2
  66. DogsOfWar Call of Gods s2
  67. [lalaband] Call of Gods S3
  68. [DarkWorld] Call of Gods (S1)
  69. LegionarieS - Vote for OUR Alliance !!!
  70. [ManiaCS] Call of Gods (S1)
  71. KNIGHTS Call of Gods
  72. [DeathsShadow] Call of Gods (S1)
  73. [CzechoSlovak] Call of Gods (s2)
  74. DarkTide Call of Gods S3
  75. What happens to Score points
  76. [Imperion] Call Of Gods (S3)
  77. [Seven] Call of Gods (S1)
  78. [Autumn] Call of Gods (S2)
  79. Maintenance Notice (Jan 11th)
  80. [Event] Return of the Keypack!
  81. Bascoza Call of God (s1)
  82. [Phoenix] Call of Gods (S3)
  83. BravePinoy ( Call of Gods S3 )
  84. origami Call of Gods (s3)
  85. ShadowKnight Call of Gods (s1)
  86. [Sanity] Call of Gods (S2)
  87. when give me new hero???
  88. [OathTeam] OathTeam S1
  89. [Shin] Shinigami S3
  90. Giving up s1 cities tomorrow Friday the 13th : big free for all, bring your axe!
  91. WABBITS Call Of Gods Sever 2
  92. WABBITS Call Of Gods Sever 3
  93. leo when I can get the red hero!!!!
  94. [s1] Dontapply
  95. [Camelot] Call of Gods (s1)
  96. Add more way to buy GOLD..
  97. [Romania] Call of Gods (S3)
  98. i like this game
  99. Winner for Rush to Rank Event
  100. [RedWound] Call of Gods (S2)
  101. [ElfsWTW] Call of Gods (Server1:Yggdrasil)
  102. Maintenance Notice (Jan 18th)
  103. [Event]2012 Werewolf Raid
  104. Scores
  105. [Temp] Call Of Gods (s2)
  106. SCOURGE (s1)
  107. I do 100 hell dungeon and they give me a red leg in world chart but in my inv is dig
  108. mga bogok
  109. S1, S2 Maintenance Notice
  110. The maintainence of S1, S2 have been completed
  111. rate and win
  112. Maintenance Notice (Feb 1st)
  113. Hi can GM see the little different plz?
  114. Mail System Abnormal Bulletin
  115. Problem with accepting new members
  116. How to Have Give activation code
  117. More events
  118. New Content
  119. Maintenance Notice (Feb 8th)
  120. [Event] Valentine’s Day
  121. Bounty Quest Master is Frozen
  122. COG S4 is coming!
  123. [End]King of Players (Only for S4)(Updating)
  124. [End]Legion Champion (Only for S4)(Updating)
  125. Valentine's Day Event complement
  126. [EVENT]Valentine Day: 2012 Valentine's Day say your love
  127. quest
  128. Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.
  129. Valentine's Day
  130. Valentines to my lady
  131. Happy Valentine's to My Wife and 2-year-old daughter
  132. Happy Ventines
  133. Allyance
  134. how can i delete my acc??
  135. roses
  136. Roses for great ladies
  137. Maintenance Notice (Feb 15th)
  138. happy valentine to Caramel!
  139. valentines
  140. more for loyal non v.i.p cog players
  141. nicole
  142. roses
  143. Yogibear
  144. Maintenance Notice (Feb 22nd)
  145. [Event] Aquarius hero is coming!
  146. idea for more in wild mode
  147. Is level 110 here in march ?
  148. Good news! Name of new Episode: Treasures in Ice & Fire
  149. Bug in Dungeon 80 hell ?????
  150. Maintenance Notice (Feb 29th)
  151. [Event] Enthusiastic March, Crazy COG
  152. awesome..
  153. [Guide]How to go to the new maps?
  154. Server is down!
  155. Sharing Goals?
  156. I have a question of new event
  157. Maintenance Notice (March 8th)
  158. New Cities should be added to Alliance War
  159. dungens...
  160. Orange Gems
  161. Latest Champions Cup on S4
  162. Transmutation bug
  163. (Question of the day)(New)How long daehawk have played COD?
  164. Maintenance Notice (March 14th)
  165. [New feature]Purgatory Abyss
  166. [Event] Enthusiastic March II
  167. [Event]Pictures For S1
  168. [Event]St. Patrick's Day
  169. [Event]Pictures For S2
  170. [Event]Pictures For S3
  171. [Event]Pictures For S4
  172. Maintenance Notice (March 21st)
  173. COG S5 is coming!
  174. [Event] Extra Bark Monster, Tramp Master & Red Gem: Level Your Troops Up!
  175. Setting for Opening New Topic In News and Announcements Section
  176. Maintenance Notice (March 29th)
  177. [Event] April Fools’ Day
  178. [Event]Official COG Facebook Page, Like and Win(II)!
  179. Maintenance Notice (April 5th)
  180. [Event] Easter Day
  181. Maintenance Notice (April 11th)
  182. COG S6 is coming!
  183. Temporary Maintenance Notice (April 11th)
  184. Maintenance Notice (April 18th)
  185. [Event] GET 20% Coupons And Extra Soldiers
  186. [Event] 10% off, Big wheel Feedback
  187. [Event] New VIP PACK
  188. Maintenance Notice (April 25th)
  189. [Event] Great gift for Purchasing
  190. [Event] Discount for expand inventory
  191. [Event] Show your wisdom, help others
  192. COG S7 is coming!
  193. Arena Score Problem
  194. Game Rules
  195. [Event] Vote For MVP (Only for S1&S2)Update……
  196. [Event] Vote For MVP (S1)
  197. [Event] Vote For MVP (S2)
  198. [Notice] Server 4 Updating Announcements
  199. Maintenance Notice (May 9th)
  200. [Event] Mother's Day (Updated)
  201. Maintenance Notice (May 16)
  202. [Event] Rush to rank
  203. [Notice] Server 4 Updating On May 18th
  204. Maintenance Notice (May 24th)Update
  205. [Event] 10% off, Big wheel & Dungeon Feedback
  206. [Launch Events] New server 8 has arrived!
  207. [Event] Star Player (Phase 2 time)
  208. [Weekend Event] The Storm for Gems
  209. Maintenance Notice (May 30th) Updated
  210. [Event] Official COG Rate and Win Update
  211. [Event] Star Player
  212. [Event] Show your wisdom, help others (Voting)
  213. Maintenance Notice (June 6th)
  214. The “Resurrection Book” has been added to Coupon Shop.
  215. Maintenance Notice (June 14th)
  216. [Event] Father's Day
  217. Maintenance Notice (June 20th)
  218. [Event] Treasure Hunter(Updating)
  219. [Event] Gifts for the weekend
  220. [Event] New server 9 has arrived! (Update)
  221. Emergency Maintenance Notice (Server 6)
  222. Maintenance Notice (July 12th)
  223. [Event] Summer of COG I
  224. Notice – Server6 data change-back correction(Update July 16th)
  225. subsequent feedbacks for Data recovery of S6
  226. Maintenance Notice (July 18th)
  227. [Event] Summer Games of COG II
  228. Maintenance Notice (July 25th)
  229. [Event] Summer Games of COG III -The legendary COG Suits
  230. Emergency Maintenance Notice (Server 1 and 2)
  231. Cheer for your favorite athlete of Olympic Games
  232. [Event] New server 10 has arrived!
  233. Maintenance Notice (August 2rd)
  234. Maintenance Notice (August 8th)
  235. [Event] Medal Storm
  236. Maintenance Notice(August 16th)
  237. [Event] 10% Big wheel Feedback
  238. [New Feature] Cross Server Champion
  239. [Event] King of kings
  240. Maintenance Notice (August 23rd)
  241. [Event] Extra Rewards
  242. [Event] New server 11 has arrived!
  243. Maintenance Notice (August 30th)
  244. [Event] The prophet
  245. [Announcement] Player GM wanted
  246. [Notice] Player GM appointed
  247. Maintenance Notice (September 6th)
  248. [Event] The path to a king
  249. [Feature] Cross-server Arena Betting
  250. COG Server 9 PGM Appointed