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Thread: [Event]Official COG Facebook Page, Like and Win(II)!

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    [Event]Official COG Facebook Page, Like and Win(II)!

    Dear CoG Players,
    Like facebook event comes again! From now on, our Facebook announcements will be made via the Official Call of Gods facebook page. To make all players aware of this we have decided our first event can be won by simply joining our Facebook page!

    After the event has ended, all CoG players in our Games will receive

    If our page r
    eaches 30,000 likes then all players will receive
    Prize A:
    1000 In-game Coupons.

    If our page reaches 50,000 likes then all players will receive

    Prize B:
    1500 In-game Coupons.

    If our page reaches 80,000 likes then all players will receive

    Prize C:
    3000 In-game Coupons.

    How to join this event?
    All you have to do is Clicking the ‘Like’ button on our facebook page.

    Step-1: Go to Call of Gods Official Page

    Step-2: Click the Like button

    When the Like arrival goals, we will attach the screenshot in the topic on the forum and let all of you know. Then we will give the present to everyone.

    Now the Like

    All players registered before 30,000 likes will reward 1000 coupons.
    All players registered before 50,000 likes will reward 1500 coupons.
    All players registered before 80,000 likes will reward 3000 coupons.

    Dear Players,
    Congratulations, the “likes” for COG official Facebook page has reached the number of 80000 on 14th May 2013. The coupons have been sent to players who have participated in this event. There are more coupons waiting for you. “Like” our page and bring the count to another level. For coupons!


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    wow cool event

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    Quote Originally Posted by nico View Post
    After the event has ended
    And the date when it will finish?

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    come on 80k likes... lol

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    Woot now that is what im talking about good event yay  0159

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    yea 11k likes lets go

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    Call Of Gods
    sounds like a good event

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    I agree, great event this time

    Well, what about if a player has already voted "like" before the event? Is he/she entitled to get rewarded too?
    And is there à time limit to reach the 3 goals?

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    ummm yes if we have liked page before event start we will get reward to?
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    so nico that picture...
    you are actually a girl called Seth Shui

    also, can these coupons be put onto my account at
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